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Internecine strife July 28, 2010

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I like Steve Kellmeyer.  I know him personally, we’ve been on the radio together several times and just recently at the Pastor Broden rally I spoke at, I joked that since I was speaking before Steve, he was stuck with me as his MC and intro guy forever.   I’ve learned a good deal from Steve about the Faith – he has a fantastic knowledge of Church history and many other topics.   Having said all that, I know he rubs some people the wrong way with his stridency, and that he sometimes might be a bit over the top in his rhetoric.  That’s just his nature, and you have to take that with the rest he offers, which is very good IMO.

Before I go any farther, I have to say that I hate talking about other blogs in a critical sense.  I have been blogging now for nearly 8 months and I have assiduously avoided picking fights with other blogs.  The only time it has ever really occurred was during the run-up to the passing of Obamacare, when I was being, admittedly, very critical of the Catholic Health Association, Sister Carol Keehan, and all the LCWR women religious who came out in support for Obamacare.  In that case, I got into a squabble with Vox Nova, a very liberal Catholic blog that has begun, in recent months, to relentlessly attack everyone in the pro-life movement.  I think these kind of inter-blog debates are unproductive and largely a waste of time, which is why I won’t link Vox Nova so that a) I don’t give them traffic and b) don’t get involved in another spat.

Having said that, I’ve never quite seen such a dramatic pile on as I’ve seen in the past day or so regarding Steve and his blog.  Now, Steve has been critical of Janet Smith and others associated with Chris West for some time.  Steve has said some pretty explosive things.  His recent post asking why Janet Smith would hold a Theology Chair at a seminary when she has no training in that field was apparently the final straw for some people, because within a day of each other several very well known Catholic names came out and pounded Steve.  This includes Dr. Ed Peters, Patrick Madrid, Mark Shea, and Carl Olsen.  These are some heavy hitters in the Catholic media.   The complaint is that Steve has gone too far and is just lashing out in envy at others.  Now, I really respect Patrick Madrid and I’ve been reading Olsen’s blog lately and enjoying it, but I’ve seen Mark Shea drop some unfair and uncharitable comments on the likes of Fr. Eutenaur for no apparent reason, so his repeated attacks on Steve (which in going through the endless links have not been returned in kind) are kind of mystifying, but whatever.  Perhaps Steve gave him a hard time in some post I haven’t seen, yet.

What I don’t get is this – what is the motivation here?   If you think Steve’s an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed access to a keyboard, why are you continually throwing him link after link after link (this is directed at Shea more than anyone else)?  Is this like some Catholic Jedi-mind trick to increase his traffic by repeatedly criticizing the critic?  

Anyway, this seemed to be by far the biggest news in Catholic blogdom, and I had a couple of people ask me about this, so there you go.  I think it’s all pretty silly, but then I don’t make my money based on my being a full time lay Catholic author/commentator, so perhaps I don’t get just that gig goes.

Hurrah! Canadian Anglicans to join Catholic Church July 28, 2010

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CNA is reporting that the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada has decided to take advantage of the provisions of the Anglican Ordinariate and join, en masse, the Catholic Church.  This is a great thing for the Anglicans involved and a good thing for the Church, as more of the brethren separated in most cruel fashion by the English Reformation are coming home. 

This is not a huge group (24+ congregations) but it’s a start and one of the first groups to formally announce acceptance of the Ordinariate.  I pray that many more Anglicans will take advantage of this unique Apostolic Constitution and join the Church.  This is one of Pope Benedict’s best moves as Pope – an end run around the pointless ecumenism that seeks “unity” without anyone discussing that which divides.  This is ecumenism that truly unites, and brings about a genuine reunion with the Catholic Faith with an acceptance on the part of the Anglicans of all that means, doctrinally.  This is also great in the sense that some of the thorny issues are being worked out: finances, pay for the soon to be Catholic priests, benefits, etc.  These issues had the potential to limit the effectiveness of the Ordinariate, but I have read they are being worked through, and this statement is evidence of that.

Pray for the conversion of Anglicans, whose Church has drifted in many ways from traditional beliefs, and the the reunion of all Christian sects to the Fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church!

“They were men” July 28, 2010

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As a counterpoint to the radical feminist diatribe below, here’s the Duke, who wasn’t Catholic in life but prayerfully is now, offering a bit of American history and sociology:

I haven’t been to a movie theater in years.  We almost never watch TV and rarely rent a movie.  The few DVDs I own are heavy on John Wayne and John Ford.  If they start making movies like they used to, with stars that love this country and unabashedly sing its praises in a rational, non-pithy manner, I’ll be back.  I’m not holding my breath.

Is it uncharitable to wish death on Hollywood as an institution and cultural phenomenon?

UPDATE: I should have hat tipped this to CMR.  My bad.