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As if we needed it – CRS confirms Obamacare funds abortion July 29, 2010

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There are three Congressional research and reporting institutions.  Two of them, the General Accounting Office and Congressional Budget Office are completely agendized and unreliable.  The third, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) is far more dispassionate and reliable.  CRS recently issued a report analyzing Obamacare and found that, surprise!, there is nothing in federal law to limit Obamacare paying for abortions, especially in so-called ‘high risk pools.’   So, we now have the word of the best Congressional research and analysis unit, all the pro-life groups, the Catholic bishops, and essentially everyone not wedded emotionally and doctrinally to the success of Obamacare asserting that Obamacare can and does fund abortion.  On the other side, we have CHA, Sr. Carol Keehan, the LCWR dissenting religious sisters, and their allies in the Catholic press stating that there is NO way St. Obama would ever fund abortion.  In fact, Commonweal and Vox Nova are growing increasingly strident in their attacks on all those who dare say that Obamacare DOES fund abortion, to the extent that each new bit of damning evidence brings ever more hostile responses from those Obamacare-lovin’ folks. 

There is an interesting side note: both Commonweal and Vox Nova, along with Sr. Carol Keehan and CHA, have been asked to publically support the Protect Life Act.  This bill would leave Obamacare in place but just insure that it could not, under any circumstances, pay for abortion.  Why would they be opposed to that?  Apparently, signing on even to this piece of legislation is a bridge too far for those wedded to Obamacare – perhaps they see supporting the Protect Life Act as a tacit admission that Obamacare does indeed provide funding for abortion.   Is it so important not to admit error that even this good piece of legislation cannot be supported, even if simply to err on the side of caution?

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