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STOPP Planned Parenthood Rally on Friday, July 30 July 29, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery.

The organization STOPP, Stop Planned Parenthood, is having a rally protesting a Planned Parenthood indoctrination campaign, called Teen Savvy, at City Place on Friday, July 30.  City Place is the 50 story granite office building at US75 (Central Expressway) and Haskell in Dallas.  If you want to join in this protest, you need to arrive at around 7:45. Planned Parenthood has convinced organizations like the YWCA (Christian – riiiiiight), Boys and Girls Clubs, etc., to send the kids in their care to a Planned Parenthood indoctrination event in order to insure a great future for abortion on demand.   A few details from JoAnn Murray, who is deeply involved in the Dallas Catholic Pro-Life committee. :

We will be bringing some signs if you want to hold a sign.  Please try to bring one with Planned Parenthood on it if you have one.  The teens and people dropping them off don’t usually know this event is sponsored by Planned Parenthood.  We want them and everyone driving by and the hotel to know we are protesting Planned Parenthood.  This is very important. There are large sums of money coming to Planned Parenthood  clinics and their sex ed programs this fall unless we can block it.  We want to discredit and expose Planned Parenthood  as much as possible to every citizen , who hopefully will contact their elected officials to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion promoter and provider.  Please try to stand 5-10 ft. apart so that the messages on the signs can be read.  I will be notifying the Dallas police that we are coming.  This is a peaceful, prayerful protest.  We must stand on public property and obey the law.

Parking near City Place may be an issue.  There is a Target nearby but they may not allow its use.  You may have to find a space on Haskell or somewhere nearby.  If you have any questions call JoAnn Murray at 214-228-7504 or e-mail her at joannmurray@verizon.net.


1. Cori - July 30, 2010

PP is such an abomination!! I can just guess what Teen Savvy is all about. What is wrong with these people!!?

If my plans fall through tonight, I’d sure like to be there. Thanks for the heads up.

tantamergo - July 30, 2010

Yikes, Cori! It was this morning! Sorry, I thought I was clear. The rally was this morning – I think?

Call JoAnn before you go!

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