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Nuns with record deal receive death threat July 30, 2010

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Oh, the left is SO tolerant.  Especially that portion of the left, which is most of it, that is in total favor of the radical homosexual agenda.  Recently, a group of cloistered Benedictine nuns from an Abbey in France won a recording contract with Universal Music.  The nuns uploaded a bit of their Gregorian Chant to a website (which one is not reported), and in the comments section below the video received a number of death threats!  Talk about your demonic influence and spiritual warfare at play – my Lord what a horror!  If any of you have ever been around cloistered nuns, I think you will agree that it is nearly impossible to find people more peaceful, loving, and generous than these women who give their lives totally over to the worship of God Almighty.  That they have received a number of death threats in response to their music is a strong an indication as I’ve seen of the profound sickness in this world.

Even if you’re all twisted off at the Catholic Church, and think it spews nothing but venom and hate (which is exactly what satan wants people to think), how sick do you have to be to want to kill nuns?  Peaceful, contemplative nuns, who do nothing but  worship God all day and pray for the world.  Without such contemplatives, the world would be a much worse place, and it has become so as the number of cloistered religious fell off a cliff beginning in about 1965 (uh…..what else happened around then?). 

But, that trend is changing.  Now, the Church, especially in the United States, has been blessed with an increasing number of women who want to dedicate their lives completely to Christ.  We must pray continually for more vocations to religious life.  This is such a crucial vocation, and it sometimes gets forgotten with all the prayers for more priests (which are also needed!).  Would you, in your chairty, pray for more female and male, orthodox religious?  Could you be bold enough to encourage your child to accept such a vocation if they feel called to it?  I know it’s completely countercultural, perhaps as countercultural a statement as one can make, but it is also so necessary for the Church and the world.  If God, with his Grace and human acceptance thereof, Wills to move men and women to devote their lives to Christ, I pray we may all provide all the encouragement possible. 

Dominus vobiscum!

NOTE: these are not the Benedictines with the recording contract, but the Benedictines at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticutt.

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