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One more nail in the coffin – episcopals working on ‘gay marriage’ rite July 30, 2010

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It’s going to be interesting to see what becomes of the episcopal church by the time I’m old and grey (about 75 years from now, because I’m 12 year old – or act like it).  I have been predicting its demise for some time, but I could be wrong – it could become a haven for a new form of “Christianity” that focuses almost exclusively on politically correct leftist feel goodery.  My impression has been that such folks aren’t really all that interested in building up a church – they like to have one available for weddings and funerals, occasionally at Christmas and Eastertide, but beyond that, they’re not too keen on “giving” or “being involved.”  We’ll see.

The latest case in point: the episcopal church USA has authorized a ‘seminary’ in Berkely (you think that seminary is Christocentric?!) to begin to formulate the rite to “marry” gays.   An interesting side note: the seminary’s work is being financed by a grant from a gay rights organization.  And I try to tell people that a very well funded gay lobby has been trying to push the gay agenda on churches for decades!  Silly me! 

And so, the episcopal church USA has once again slung mud in the eye of the Anglican Communion, which has “forbidden” it to have gay bishops, to favor abortion, and, now, to “marry” gays.  The US church is the biggest problem in anglicanism, and is in the vanguard of the headlong slide of traditional protestant denominations into oblivion.

For those episcopalians/Anglicans that won’t, can’t belong to a church that sanctions not just the acceptance, but the outright celebration of what has always been viewed as perverted acts by all of Christendom until recently, there is an alternative.  No, the Catholic Church is not perfect, as it is made up of sinners, but it IS the Church Christ founded when he gave the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter, and it is the only Church to possess the Fullness of Truth.  There are ways for Anglicans to come into Full Union with the Church that Christ founded.  I know it seems hard.  I was once an episcopalian, and for a while after my conversion to please my wife, I was somewhat resentful.  But Christ has moved me, and this Church, this Mystical Body, is so full of wonder and majesty and mystery and all the virtues we all need so desperately, I cannot imagine living without it.  I think you will find the same glories I have found if you come, and if you open yourself up to the action of the Holy Spirit.  St. Thomas Acquinas said that a rejection of one Truth is a rejection of all Truth.  Can you remain in a Church that rejects the Truth as a point of doctrine?  Pray about it.  I pray for all of you every night.


1. dallas - July 31, 2010

“they like to have one available for weddings and funerals, occasionally at Christmas and Easter”


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