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8 ways feminists have ruined America August 2, 2010

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And the world?  Well,  maybe alot of it.  I’ll condense Cassy Fiano’s post down to the list itself (and her bit on abortion):

8. Encouraging Promiscuity
7. Sanctioning Victimhood
6. Dabbling In Misandry
5. Destroying Chivalry
4. Attacking Motherhood
3. Requiring A Feminist Litmus Test
2. Promoting Lies and Manipulation
1. Glorifying Abortion

There is perhaps nothing more anti-woman than abortion. But the pro-abortion radical feminists have flipped that onto its head, claiming that to be against abortion is to be anti-woman. And this may be the number one way that fascist feminists are destroying women.

Right now, 22% of all pregnancies will end in abortion. But how does abortion hurt women?

Well, first there are the physical risks. Abortion triples the risk of breast cancer, and abortions also increase the risk of future miscarriages. Emotionally, there are also some horrific consequences. Women who abort are much more likely to commit suicide, with a suicide rate three times higher than the general suicide rate. Women who have an abortion are at a higher risk for long-term clinical depression. There is also a link between abortion and substance abuse, and it can even have an effect on the children who were not aborted (called Survivor Syndrome). There’s also been a connection found between abortion and subsequent child abuse.

But all of this is denied by the fascist feminists. Abortion is important, because an accidental pregnancy will ruin your life! It’s horrifying how much the radical feminists actively try to convince women to have an abortion, that it’s no big deal, that you won’t feel guilt, sorrow, and regret for the rest of your life. The facts are clearly against them, which is why they try so hard to cover those facts up.

The truth is that abortion is not just some normal little medical procedure; it’s a tragedy. Most women intuitively know that; it’s why so many women struggle so much after aborting their children, especially when they realize they’ve been lied to or manipulated into doing it. That is anti-life, and it is anti-woman. It’s a tragedy, for the life that was lost and for the women who have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The radical pro-abortion crowd fights for abortion “rights” because they have an agenda to push. They don’t care about how harmful it is, and how it can absolutely destroy a woman.

My Lord, 22% of US pregnancies end in abortion.  We could count ourselves lucky, since over 60% of pregnancies in Russia end in abortion, but no, I can’t think killing 1.1 or 1.2 million babies a year is ever something even relatively OK.  That’s awful – 1 in 5 babies, God’s glorious creation, destroyed on the altar of convenience and narcissism.  I don’t know if all the above list can be pinned entirely on the very vocal, radical side of the feminists, but I think there is certainly a fair amount of causation there.  The radical feminists have made a virtual religion of abortion.  And many of their mantras seem to be attacks directed not so subtly at the family as an institution and men as a seemingly sub-human race.   If you read Fiano’s blog, you’ll find that she reads many of the truly crazy feminist sites like pandagon and feminsting, and that is where she comes to the conclusion that many feminists are draconian fascists.  In the case of Amanda Marcotte, who several years ago worked on John Edward’s presidential campaign, the male-authority figure hating prejudice is readily visible: she was the one who very pornographically derided the Incarnation as essentially a rape.  But that is the radical, vocal, TV news show appearance side of feminism – all radicalism and lockstep leftist groupthink, with no tolerance for those who define themselves as feminists but who do not adhere to the very rigid party line.  When a woman appears who embodies many elements of the feminism message (career success, climbing the ladder, family, etc) without the pro-abort and Orwellian leftist mentalities, that person must be destroyed.

Blogging likely to be light August 2, 2010

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Busy at work.  Talk amongst yourselves.  Here’s a topic – can one properly form one’s conscience to arrive at a position diametrically opposed to the expressed doctrine of the Church, such as on abortion or women’s ordination?  Is such a person still in union with the Church, or are they an apostate?  Doesn’t Dignitatis Humanae state that as long as one properly forms one’s conscience, prayerfully considers a matter, and then does their best to interpret the guidance they get from the Holy Spirit, any conclusion they arrive at is valid? 

Follow up question – If Dignitatis Humanae did say the latter, how is Dignitatis Humanae “readable” in light of the previous Magisterial doctrine of the Faith, dating from Vatican I and before?

Problems with kneeling for Communion at St. Joseph? August 2, 2010

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My wife and I kneel when we receive Communion.  So do our daughters who are old enough to do so.   I’ve gone over the reasons why we do so, adding that kneeling was the standard practice in the Church until 30 years or so ago.   It’s a very personal issue for us, and for some other people we know who also kneel.  It’s all about showing reverence for Christ in the Eucharist and our own unworthiness as recipients of this August Sacrament.

A while back, there was an problem regarding kneeling for Communion at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano.  Some folks knelt to receive the Blessed Sacrament at a given Friday Mass, and the priest, Fr. Petter, called us out, saying some unfortunate things.  I queried him about his remarks, and he realized that he had made an error.  At the next Mass, he apologized, which was very magnaminous.  This issue got some coverage by Fr. Z, but I couldn’t dig up the links from a year ago.

Now, I have not had another personal experience like this in the Diocese before or since.  We always kneel for Communion, and it’s not been a problem at any of a number of parishes.  I occasionally get a screwy look, but for the most part it seems at least to be tolerated.

Unfortunately, today I learned of a woman and her family who had been very uncharitably scolded by the now retired Msgr. Fischer of St. Joseph in Richardson.  The incident was very upsetting – Msgr. Fischer essentially called her out as she was kneeling and told her to never do that again.  He said kneeling was not ‘tolerated’ at St. Joseph, which flies in the face of numerous letters from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) who assure us, that, Yes Virginia, every one of the Faithful as a right to kneel for Communion, as it is still the normative means of receiving Communion in the Church in spite of indults to receive in the hand**.  

The story goes further, as the woman involved sought redress from the diocese, but after three meetings with Msgr. Greg Kelly down at the Chancery, all she got was the Heisman.   It’s difficult to discern motives here, but essentially, neither Msgr. Kelly or anyone else at the diocese was willing to tell Msgr. Fischer that he had acted wrongly and uncharitably, and that, per the repeated statements from the CDF, this woman and her family did indeed have a right to kneel to receive Holy Communion.  In essence, this woman’s rights as a Catholic were trampled, and the Diocese chose not to help her get them back. 

Now, Msgr. Fischer has retired to the great radio station in the skyon Turtle Creek, and newly consecrated Bishop Deshotel will be taking his place, soon, as pastor.  It might be worthwhile for some brave soul (crickets…….fine, I’LL do it!) to go see if kneeling is still verboten there.   It never should have been.  But, having attended St. Joseph’s for a few years (’97 – ’01), I can attest to the fact that the now retired Msgr. Fischer had to have things just his way, and that he had no problem humiliating people publically if he thought you  were somehow hindering him – this statement is not to be uncharitable, it is a simple fact.  It happened on several occasions when I was personally present. 

** – Some would argue that since the US bishops made standing to receive the Communion the norm, it is now the norm.  I disagree – standing to receive Communion started as an abuse, and is still only ‘tolerated’ by the Vatican.  The indult allowing one to stand to receive Communion in various countries could be pulled tomorrow.  Kneeling is the time honored means of receiving the Blessed Sacrament in union with the Tradition of the Church.

PS – Sorry for the snark, but I saw Fischer just really embarrass some people, so I’m a bit snarky towards him.