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What have the women bishops in the episcopal church achieved? August 5, 2010

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According to virtueonline, not much:

Five women bishops (one a Presiding Bishop) have not made a single church grow. (The ASA in all their dicoeses is down. Jefferts Schori does not have a diocese)

They do not believe in “the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

At least one bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori has publicly repudiated the need for personal salvation (GC2009).

All of them have a near pathological hatred of orthodox Christianity.

At least two of these bishops have participated in “gay pride” parades cementing a behavior that has the potential to kill people.

History will show that when The Episcopal Church finally collapses, they will have made a major contribution towards it.

All five bishops are institutionalists.

All five bishops voted yes to the passage of resolution D025 that rescinded the moratorium on gay bishops, and C056 which authorized the collection and development of rites for the blessing of same-sex liturgies.

All of them will retire with significant pensions and without having ever lead one soul to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Now the Church of England wants to ordain women bishops with no guarantee that they will not repeat what their American sisters believe and have done.

The five bishops pictured from left to right are: Katharine Jefferts Schori, (Presiding Bishop), Barbara Harris (Massachusetts Suffragan ret.) Gayle Harris (Massachusetts Suffragan) Chilton Abbie Richardson Knudsen (Maine) and Catherine Roskam (Suffragan, New York).

My comment: “By your fruits ye shall know them.”  The fruit of these women has been decidedly rotten.  Based on their stridency, their words, and behaviors, I am quite convinced that serving Christ is secondary to their desire to “break the stained glass ceiling” and thereby ring another bell for strident feminism.  Sorry, that is uncharitable, but the statements and actions I’ve seen from Schori and others are uniformly damaging to orthodoxy and devotion to serving Christ first before all.  Advancing left wing shibolleths is not the same as serving Christ, in spite of all they believe and practice.

And, ladies: you must find a new tailor for your chasubles and miters.  Eee gad, they are awful.

Sadness – a priest repeatedly apostasizes on the internet? August 5, 2010

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This is very sad  Sorry, I can’t imbed it in the post, but go to this church website from a St. Edward’s Catholic ‘Community’ in Nashville.   Watch the video, if you can hack it.  A priest gives an “interview” in which he expounds on everything wrong with the Church today.  Acts of the Apostasy couldn’t count the errors.  I’ll not count them, per se’, but just throw a bunch of snark/well intentioned, charitable criticism (you choose) out:

UPDATE!: Someone loaded the video on youtube!  Thanks to CMR!

1.  The Church needs leadership.  I agree.  But not the “independent” of Rome leadership he’s advocating.  That’s been the problem for the past 40+ years, insufficient fealty to Rome, doctrine, and Tradition.  This septuagenarian priest railing against the “out of touch” septuagenarian cardinals is uh…..I think we know what it is.

2.  Humanae Vitae is the problem in the Church!  That’s why folks have been leaving the Church!  That’s the problem!  Apparently, doctrine should be up to a majority vote!  If 2701 bishops vote aye, and 11 nay, we can go back to declaring that Christ is really just a really great guy, not divine at all.  How about this for a problem – back in the 20’s,- 60’s, a bunch of priests, theologians, and even bishops went off the reservation and started rejecting doctrine, and then started infecting the laity with their views.  Those rejectionist priests, etc., predicted and insisted that HV would allow for contraception, and told the laity to expect it, too.  They laid a massive expectation on much of the Church that contraception was OK.  When the Holy Spirit, preventing the Church from error, insured that the Tradition of the Church would be upheld by Humanae Vitae, all these dissenters were left looking foolish.  They’ve never gotten over that. 

3.  The Church should allow divorce!  That’s the problem!

4.  Bishops contributed to the pedophile priest problem.  No argument here.

5.  No married priests, that’s the problem!

6.  No women priests, that’s the problem!  We must have them!  It’s only just!

7.  Damn foreign priests, that’s the problem!  Learn to speak English, you brown-skinned mutts! 

This guy is like a bad caricature of a southern sheriff.  It’s like watching “In the Heat of the Night.”

8.  Priests and laity should make the decisions in the Church.  Bishops don’t listen (well……..that’s pretty true).

9.  Episcopal ministers should not be ordained!  That’s the problem!  Too many angry episcopalians are leaving their Church and coming to ours.  We don’t need these uptight, white bread homophobic misogynistic WASPs in the Catholic Church!  We  need more brown-skinned foreign priests!  Oh, wait…..

10. The first mission of the Church is being a community.  The horizontal bar of the cross is very long, the vertical, not so much.

11. This guy is really hung up on celibacy.  I think he’s having, or had, problems with this.

12.  The Church must apologize more for past sins!  That’s the problem!  We can’t wait another 100 years to “apologize” for upholding timeless Christian doctrine regarding birth control!  The future can’t wait!

13. Back to the women priests. 

14.  The young men entering seminary today are “intellectually inferior.”  Good God, this man really knows how to endear himself, doesn’t he?  What he’s saying is, these orthodox, faithful men in the seminary today freak him out, he can’t stand them.  There has to be something very wrong with them if they don’t think like he does.  They are plainly “dysfunctional.”

Maybe this guy should consider that the problem with people leaving the Church is less the fact that mean, stodgy old Rome won’t allow all these wonderful changes he’s advocating for to happen, but that people like him in the Church have been undermining the Faith for decades, leading to doubt, confusion, and causing millions to not take their Faith seriously.  I don’t mean that he’s influenced millions in that way, but that, writ large, this tendency in the Church is just as likely, if not more likely, the cause of the millions leaving the Church as Rome insisting on orthodoxy.  In my personal experience, orthodoxy always leads to better attendance, more donations, more vocations, more devotion, a much stronger parish, and  an immense change in attitude towards the Church as a whole.  It is the constant dissent, the constant desire for rupture/revolution in the Church, that leads to folks leaving, as the last 50 years have amply demonstrated.  I feel very sorry for this priest – everything he believes is catastrophically wrong, but he’s too set in his ways to look at the evidence any other way than his anti-orthodox, dissent-oriented views.

Think about the mentality it took to make this video.  He plainly intended this as a soapbox for these views. 

This guy needs prayers.  His name is Fr. Breen, St. Edward’s parish Nashville.   Prayers of conversion and revelation.

More UPDATE!:  CMR reports this is not the first time Fr. Breen has gone off on these subjects!  He was sanctioned by his bishop for doing so in 1993, and made to pledge that he would never again put these views forth in public.  He broke that pledge in 2006, and obviously again.  Want to contact his bishop?

The Most Reverend David R. Choby
Bishop of Nashville

The Catholic Center
2400 Twenty-first Avenue South
Nashville, TN. 37212

A brief interlude August 5, 2010

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I do love me some Gram Parsons.  Why did so many have to die at 27?

He couldn’t sing very well, but he and Emmy Lou….wow, she really picked him up and carried him.

Court invalidates democracy, invents “rights” August 5, 2010

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I so love the US judiciary.  It’s amazing.  It’s completely out of control.   The left of the judiciary has gone from just making up rights it likes (like, oh, say, a “right” for two women to marry), to invalidating democracy along the way.  The State of California, once the bastion of the American dream and now the par excellence exemplar of everything wrong with this country, followed established  law, held a constitutional referendum, and the voters decided they DID want to change the constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  But to our socio-politcal “betters” in the leftist elite, such an outcome is unacceptable.

What the hell good is democracy if votes mean nothing, with heretofore non-existent “rights” being made up to trump EVERY other consideration?!

The judge, Vaughn Walker (who is, himself, gay), stated repeatedly in the case that the defense (meaning, those in favor of keeping Prop 8) failed to establish that marriage limited to a man and woman was either a positive good for the community or of sufficient value to limit its accessiblity to homosexuals.  He stated repeatedly that gays had a right to be married that outweighed any other consideration.  Let’s think on that.  This ruling does nothing more than enshrine the notion that what has always been the definition for marriage can no longer be the definition for marriage, because defining marriage as it has always been defined is discriminatory against those who wish it was defined in a way more to their liking, and in a way that changes what it is and has always been into something it never was nor ever has been.  Really, all this comes down to is who has the ear of the elites, and who makes up the elites. 

Just a hint: it ain’t you and me, Ma and Pa Christian with kids and a job and mortgage we’re actually paying.  We’re just the bill payers for all this social experimentation, in every sense of the word.  The elites get the buzz of feeling morally superior, they get to look down their long, acquiline snouts at us, and tell us how backwards and tribalistic we are, and would we please shut the @#$% up and get with the program?  I mean really……who do we Christofascists think we are? 

Voris times his videos well.