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Court invalidates democracy, invents “rights” August 5, 2010

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I so love the US judiciary.  It’s amazing.  It’s completely out of control.   The left of the judiciary has gone from just making up rights it likes (like, oh, say, a “right” for two women to marry), to invalidating democracy along the way.  The State of California, once the bastion of the American dream and now the par excellence exemplar of everything wrong with this country, followed established  law, held a constitutional referendum, and the voters decided they DID want to change the constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  But to our socio-politcal “betters” in the leftist elite, such an outcome is unacceptable.

What the hell good is democracy if votes mean nothing, with heretofore non-existent “rights” being made up to trump EVERY other consideration?!

The judge, Vaughn Walker (who is, himself, gay), stated repeatedly in the case that the defense (meaning, those in favor of keeping Prop 8) failed to establish that marriage limited to a man and woman was either a positive good for the community or of sufficient value to limit its accessiblity to homosexuals.  He stated repeatedly that gays had a right to be married that outweighed any other consideration.  Let’s think on that.  This ruling does nothing more than enshrine the notion that what has always been the definition for marriage can no longer be the definition for marriage, because defining marriage as it has always been defined is discriminatory against those who wish it was defined in a way more to their liking, and in a way that changes what it is and has always been into something it never was nor ever has been.  Really, all this comes down to is who has the ear of the elites, and who makes up the elites. 

Just a hint: it ain’t you and me, Ma and Pa Christian with kids and a job and mortgage we’re actually paying.  We’re just the bill payers for all this social experimentation, in every sense of the word.  The elites get the buzz of feeling morally superior, they get to look down their long, acquiline snouts at us, and tell us how backwards and tribalistic we are, and would we please shut the @#$% up and get with the program?  I mean really……who do we Christofascists think we are? 

Voris times his videos well.

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