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What have the women bishops in the episcopal church achieved? August 5, 2010

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According to virtueonline, not much:

Five women bishops (one a Presiding Bishop) have not made a single church grow. (The ASA in all their dicoeses is down. Jefferts Schori does not have a diocese)

They do not believe in “the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

At least one bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori has publicly repudiated the need for personal salvation (GC2009).

All of them have a near pathological hatred of orthodox Christianity.

At least two of these bishops have participated in “gay pride” parades cementing a behavior that has the potential to kill people.

History will show that when The Episcopal Church finally collapses, they will have made a major contribution towards it.

All five bishops are institutionalists.

All five bishops voted yes to the passage of resolution D025 that rescinded the moratorium on gay bishops, and C056 which authorized the collection and development of rites for the blessing of same-sex liturgies.

All of them will retire with significant pensions and without having ever lead one soul to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Now the Church of England wants to ordain women bishops with no guarantee that they will not repeat what their American sisters believe and have done.

The five bishops pictured from left to right are: Katharine Jefferts Schori, (Presiding Bishop), Barbara Harris (Massachusetts Suffragan ret.) Gayle Harris (Massachusetts Suffragan) Chilton Abbie Richardson Knudsen (Maine) and Catherine Roskam (Suffragan, New York).

My comment: “By your fruits ye shall know them.”  The fruit of these women has been decidedly rotten.  Based on their stridency, their words, and behaviors, I am quite convinced that serving Christ is secondary to their desire to “break the stained glass ceiling” and thereby ring another bell for strident feminism.  Sorry, that is uncharitable, but the statements and actions I’ve seen from Schori and others are uniformly damaging to orthodoxy and devotion to serving Christ first before all.  Advancing left wing shibolleths is not the same as serving Christ, in spite of all they believe and practice.

And, ladies: you must find a new tailor for your chasubles and miters.  Eee gad, they are awful.


1. Mary - August 5, 2010

Wow, and now they ARE FINALLY HAPPY, right? Wrong…
Those outfits scream LOOK AT ME, I’m so important!!!

Like these women, each of us will continually be disappointed until we look inside of ourselves, wait, that’s new age. OK, until each of us turns to God with total faith, trust and humility; and OBEDIENCE.

I’m led to think of the retreats and conferences that are not in line with the teaching of the Church. It’s every thing that goes against the Faith that allows this to happen; we are so led astray when our Churches allows confusion and dissent to enter the minds of the congregation. I also am concerned about the CCD classes taught to our children…very little Catholic teaching.

I pray that with the new/(old) changes to the Sacrifice of the Mass that there will also be a reform of the teachings during the sermon and outside of mass.

2. LarryD - August 6, 2010

They look like Gallifreyan Cardinals, wearing cast-offs from the BBC Wardrobe department…

Mary – re CCD classes. I’m fortunate to be part of a group that uses the St Ignatius Press Catechism series. No felt banners, no gluesticks – just the faith explained in clear and simple terms. Too bad it’s not part of our parish, but it’s what I had to do to ensure that my sons were learning the Faith – not to mention I’m one of the instructors.

3. Mary - August 9, 2010

LarryD- Are you using the catechism for children, or another version, I see that Ignatius Press has several different books on Catechism. And what age range. Last year we used the Baltimore Catechism.

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