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More evidence – sex abuse not a ‘Catholic problem’ August 9, 2010

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New research has emerged that puts the priest sex abuse scandals in the Church in a radically different light.  Dr. Thomas Plante of Stanford University has concluded that sex abuse among the general population of men is several times higher than that of the priests in the Church.  In addition, research shows that sex abuse in public schools, nationwide, is also several times more likely than at the hands of a priest.   In fact, a number of municipalities, like New York City, are becoming increasingly nervous that they, too, will soon face an onslaught of sex abuse cases, many stretching back decades, just as in the Church.  Municipalities, after all, have even deeper pockets than the Church, and will make very attractive defendants to contingency fee lawyers.

There would be some definite irony if some of the institutions that have attacked the Church over sex abuse wind up getting hoisted on the same petard.  Sex abuse has been an infinitely convenient club for those who wish to attack the Church – it’s indefensible, so one can hardly leap to the Church’s defense, and it accomplished the mission of many of the secular elites of silencing one of their most effective critics.  I’m not one to let the Church off the hook for priest sex abuse, nor am I one to instantly castigate those who seek restitution from the Church for whatever crimes were perpetrated against them, but I do think the Church has been made everybody’s favorite whipping boy on this subject for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with protection of children.  Many of the same folks castigating the Church would dearly love to expose children to pornographic sex ed in elementary schools, have them engaging in intercourse, possibly with contraception, at roughly the same ages, and continually foster a culture that is hostile to both a healthy childhood and family life.  So, I have taken most of the strident attacks from the likes of the NYT for what they are: partisan hostility that is seeking to advance a certain socio-political agenda antithetical to the doctrine of the Faith. 

I wonder how many young NYT copy editors have been the subject of harrassment at that august institution?  Or those of the Washington Post?  Could there have possibly been systematic harrassment, back in the dark days of the 60’s or 70’s?  Jesus, did, after all, caution us about casting stones.

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