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My man Voris – he’s done it again August 10, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, General Catholic.

Not much to add – I agree totally with his description, diagnosis, and prognosis.

This man truly loves the Church and those in it.  To those that can’t stand him – I’m sorry, he speaks the Truth that has always been spoken.


1. Cori Hyland - August 11, 2010

He really nailed it. He said it all right there. This is what we’ve become acutely aware of since Mr. Obama looked as though he might become president. I was walking around like the living dead, knowing that this man was going to become our leader…I just knew it.

It became much clearer to us that we were going to have to do SOMETHING to show God we really want His divine grace, because we certainly don’t deserve it…having helped build this culture of death.

It’s good to know one’s purpose more clearly, but the purification process can be rough. Ask a martyr.

tantamergo - August 11, 2010

The guy has an economy with words and phrases that is masterful. He’s a pro.

2. Cori Hyland - August 11, 2010

Oh, Voris was at Notre Dame at the same time as the family member who’s had his kids baptized by that priest in Nashville. The road is narrowing and it’s pretty clear which path Voris in taking. We are seeing friends, who have been such faithful, good, Pro-life activists, drop by the wayside while slackers like us are hitting daily masses now.

Life is getting weirder all the time. I saw your wife and son at Seton Sunday night. I couldn’t stay to say hello because our kids were being rotten.

Thanks for your blog. Really enjoying it.

tantamergo - August 11, 2010

No doubt! I’m just a recovering junkie, and here I am, quoting Scripture and going crazy with the Faith. Well, this is much better than the former life, I can say that much. I know what you mean – we had someone, a commenter, a guy I had met, drop off the blog because another friend took issue with the drop-off guy’s love of von Balthasar. He just left, and pretty much told me off in total terms in so doing. Oh, well……I just try to keep the Faith that my sensus fidei guides me to, and pray, pray, pray!

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