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Fr. Z demolishes a rebellious sister (updated) August 11, 2010

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And by rebellious, I am being very charitable.  So NCR, the Distorter, that reliably left-wing ‘progressive’ rag that sullies so many parish libraries, has an article on a talk given by Sr. Mary Kane, former head of the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious (LCWR – the problem sisters), before the ‘Celebration’ conference in Chicago.  Fr. Z proceeds to demolish them.  Probably, most of my readers have seen this already, but for those who haven’t go to Fr. Z’s and read the whole thing.  For the second time in about 2 weeks, NCR has published authors calling for women to leave the Church, and committing outright blasphemy and heresy.  And yet Bishop Zavala, auxiliary of Los Angeles, says us mean ‘ol bullying orthodox Catholic blogs are the problem, with nary a peep for NCR, or US Catholic (which just had an issue endorsing homosexuality as a lifestyle and gay marriage), or any other ‘progressive’ publications.  Duly noted, Bishop – and we know where you are coming from now.  Some excerpts of the talk, and Fr. Z’s fisking (Z in red, as per usual):

“Let me speak now of the women of our Catholic community today. Why do we weep? [sniff] Without the full incorporation of women into leadership, discipleship and all church ministries—which was the vision of the church council—without full incorporation into and participation at the liturgy, [BUZZ WORD ALERT…] we do not experience community as women at liturgy, [LOL!] and we do not experience life-giving worship. Our presence at liturgy has become and continues to be a source of anguish, sadness, even emptiness. [The Anglican Church is ready!  Go to them!  They are waiting to heal your brokenness, dry the tears of the womany community of weeping…ness.] We continue in severe tension over the basic language to describe humanity, and this has gone on for decades, the sexist language that we refer to as exclusive language The continued use of terms like ‘man,’ ‘his,’ and ‘mankind’ denies our very presence. [It’s ineffable, sister.] It certainly doesn’t give recognition and respect; and we are surely invisible. [If only.] The anguish, the distress, the absence of a sense of worship in community has gotten much more severe……….

“Women of the Catholic community. Why are we weeping today? We are in crisis. [Things not going your way these days?] There are a number of women who have already moved out of traditional Sunday worship. They are still finding where they want to go. [Like sheep, without a male shepherd.] We have a number of women who have begun very courageous, strong alternative liturgies, [cf. puppet liturgy photo, above.  But get this… ] which we believe are valid, mystic, pastoral, spiritual—all the qualities that are needed for the human soul. [Except for the whole part about risking going to hell.]

We have many who are moving to other protestant traditions. [The Anglican Church embraces you, Sister, in your angerrrrrr!  Feel the anger.  Feel the power of the dark side of the Force.] We also have a growing number of women who are doing to feminist liturgies, taking turns presiding, co-presiding, perfectly comfortable with it. [Yahhhhhh riiiight…. perfectly comfortable.  I wonder how they decide which of them is going to “preside”.  Imagine that scenario. Does she have more right to preside since she was head of the LCWR?  If the actual head of the LCWR comes along, can she only co-preside?  Who get’s to preside?  Can the sister who has fewer articles in NCR be chosen to embody their embodied…ness?] I think it’s a conscience call. Maybe it is the beginning of a new church. Maybe this is how we have to look at a Pentecost. I think we need to be willing address it. To continue in an exclusively male priesthood is in my judgment both a form and expression of idolatry. [And that, friends, strike me as a clear example of both heresy and blasphemy.  Perhaps Sister’s superior needs to have a chat with her after getting a note from the CDF.]…………

“As a Catholic woman, I continue to hope. Why? At gatherings such as this for these three days, [three … whole… days…] I hear so many women and women who are so open and want to make this a new church. So I go home having been inspired. I don’t really have a need to run back to traditional worship. [Remember that this is a matter of perspective.  For her, you could have just about any wacko thing take place, but if there is a male priest, it is “traditional”.  See how language shifts depending on the context?  But remember: they are open!  They are sooooo open.  Would they be open to a man presiding at their non-traditional self-expression liturgies?  I have a learnéd dubitation about that.] There are many organizations that are very much alive, spiritual and Vatican II: Call to Action, Women’s Ordination Conference, Future Church., [AND…] the congregations of women religious ourselves. [That, friends, may suggest a reason for the Apostolic Visitation.  Am I reading too much into it?] In many ways we are a counter organization within an organization………….

We are creating new liturgies, a new space for ourselves….a Future Church.

Fr. Z seems to have given up on this one – he does not think she’ll ever change, and accept the dogmatic Faith.  He advises she go to the episcopals, where she’ll be more comfortable.  I have prayed for women, and men, who hold opinions like this, for a long time.  Seeing the seething rage that permeates so much of “feminist” Catholicism, and the thinly veiled hatred of men, I know it’s going to take “prayer and fasting for this one.”  God can do anything, but he never forces us against our wills – and in the case of this Sr. Kane, therein lies the problem.  She’d rather hurt and seeth in her pride than convert.  Alot of us do that.  I pray she is touched by the Holy Spirit and comes to her senses.  The hour is late.  The light is dying.

UPDATE: For Bishop Zavala, yet another article in NCR “justifying” women’s ordination, and this one makes a case that apostolic succession isn’t real and doesn’t mean anything!  I eagerly awaith Bishop Zavala to decry the tone and content of these Distorter articles.  And isn’t the distorter engaged in a systematic campaign to undermine Church teaching?  Isn’t there a word for that somewhere?  I think it starts with an S……


1. Subvet - August 11, 2010

What a twit she is. All that verbiage boils down to, “Me, me, me. It’s all about me!”

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