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So much happening today, so little time August 11, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, General Catholic, Society.

I got a giant, urgent project dumped in my lap (again!), but there is so much going on I’ve got to post.  I earlier discussed the Chris West/Fr. Loya/Dr. Janet Smith interpretations of Pope John Paul II’s series of Wednesday audiences, commonly known as Theology of the Body.  I encourage everyone to go back over to Fr. Angelo Geiger’s site and read all the comments on his most recent post on this subject. I think you may find them illuminating.  Please note the tonal differences between those defending West, and those critiquing.   Also, read a critique of Loya/West by another Theology of the Body instructor, this one from Arizona, who has seemingly deep credentials and offers the view that the defenders of Loya, West, et. al, need to be more humble and more open to criticism, as opposed to shouting down anyone who dare criticize their work.

Matt Abbot joins in the comments section – they are very worth reading.  More in a minute.

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