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I have an urge to make folks cry August 12, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, General Catholic, Society.

Heck, it got me a bit.  If you’ve never been out to greet the troops coming home at DFW, you should do it!  It’s fantastic, very moving.  Those guys are still covered Mideast sand when they come off the plane, but it is awesome to get to greet them.

CatholicVoteAction had this video of troop homecomings.  The reactions are so full of love and happiness…..

And guess who was just there a day or two ago?  W. 

I don’t think W was a very good President.  I think he harmed the country on a number of issues, including not pressing for recapitalization/modernization of the armed services when he had the chance after 9/11, but there is no doubt he is a very classy guy.  I don’t like a number of his policies, but I respect Bush as a man.

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