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The great Cardinal Pell schools greens, leftists August 12, 2010

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Ah, it is too bad that God did not see fit that George Cardinal Bell should have headed the Congregation on Bishops.  I think we should have been very gratified had he been granted that priviledge.   In a recent op-ed in the Sydney archdiocesan newspaper, Cardinal Pell castigated Australia’s ‘green’ party, saying they were watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside.  He said much more than that:

When asked by young adults about how to vote in the upcoming elections, Pell recounted in a column Sunday that he did not endorse a specific party but encouraged his audience “to examine the policies of the Greens on their website and judge for themselves how thoroughly anti-Christian they are.”

The prelate also pointed out that Green leader Robert Brown helped author a book in which it was claimed that “humans are simply another smarter animal, so that humans and animals are on the same or similar levels depending on their level of consciousness.” The book was coauthored by Princeton University philosopher Peter Singer, a notorious supporter of infanticide and euthanasia.”This Green ethic is designed to replace Judaeo-Christianity,” Pell warned.

Some Green politicians, he noted, “have taken this anti-Christian line further by claiming that no religious argumentation should be permitted in public debate.” “Not surprisingly they are often inconsistent on this issue, welcoming Christian support for refugees, but denying that any type of religious reasoning should be allowed on other matters,” wrote Pell.

He called one wing of the Greens “like water melons, green outside and red inside,” saying that “a number were Stalinists, supporting Soviet oppression.”

“Naturally the Greens are hostile to the notion of the family, man, woman and children, which they see as only one among a set of alternatives,” he wrote. “They would allow marriage regardless of sexuality or gender identity.” Pell also criticized the party’s environmentalist platform, saying that while “we all accept the necessity of a healthy environment,” the party’s ideas “are impractical and expensive, which will not help the poor.”

The leader of the greens retorted, stating that they were actually the “faithful ‘christians'” by their support for gay marriage, since (they claim) most ‘Christians’ support same sex marriage.   That’s quite a statement.  So, to the greens, ‘faithful christians’ are those that reject Scripture, the traditional teachings of their faith, and the natural law, and apparently settle doctrinal issues on the basis of a popularity contest.  If one day people should become violently hostile to greens and their hyper-environmentalism, do you not think that Mr. Brown, the leader of the greens, would very quickly find himself pining for someone to exercise Christian charity in defending him? 

Cardinal Pell is correct when he states that greens, both in Australia and around the world, have used campaigns of subterfuge, misinformation, and outright lies in order to advance their radical, misanthropic agenda.  These groups almost invariably support wide policies that are highly antithetical to the doctrine of the Church – support for abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, and economic policies that would inflict horrid suffering, especially on the poor.  I am very gratified to see a prominent figure in the Church opposing these groups.  While we all need to preserve God’s creation, the extremism represented by these groups is, as Cardinal Pell shows, decidedly anti-Christian.

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