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OK, read this real quick August 13, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, Society.

I’m feeling like my blog is becoming “all homosexuality, all the time,” and I don’t want that to be, so I’ll just point you over to CatholicVoteAction where Thomas Peters has a post up taking apart Kate Childs Graham, a writer for the distorter, claiming that it is wrong to use the phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” with regards to homosexuality, and that faithful Catholics should just “love” them.  I don’t like that phrase, anyway, because I think it removes personal culpability for sin to a degree that can be unhealthy, but the rest of his analysis is spot on.  He uses many of the same arguments I’ve used here:

Let’s take for an example a male rapist. As a Christian, Graham should agree with me that we must love the man as a person (”Love the sinner”), but I’d be truly shocked to find out that Graham loves his sin of raping. I’d also be shocked if she says we should simply tolerate this man’s propensity to rape people. Therefore she does not “love” his sin. She, in fact, must hate it, because it is evil. Rape hurts the victim, and the rapist is also guilty of a grave sin. No one wins (even if the rapist thinks he loves raping).

So the principle “love the sinner, hate the sin” is a sound one. If something is truly sinful, we should hate it, because it hurts the person we love. We should hate the heroin addict’s use of heroin, we should hate the murder’s act of murder, etc. And yet, for all these individuals, we should still love them. We should attempt to help the heroin addict overcome his addiction. We should remove the murderer from society where he may murder again (or be killed by someone avenging his victim’s death), and punish him in justice for his taking of another innocent human life, to allow him a chance for reparation and expiation. In other words, we should love the sinner, and hate the sin.

What Graham really doesn’t like is that people think her homosexual acts are wrong. No one likes hearing they are doing something wrong. And Graham, like most people who refuse to hear a hard word, has chosen instead to attack the very concept that what she is doing, is wrong. But instead of having the courage and clarity of mind to do so, she has chosen instead to attack a very sound principle, that all of us (Graham included) should love the sinner, and hate the sin.

I note in passing that in addition to being an out n’ proud lesbian with a position writing for the distorter, she’s also in favor of women posing as priests after fake ordination ceremonies, people being denied the sacraments, and is in favor of women being able to have their children killed.  So, she has all that going for her. 

Peters’ final note is the most important to be made in this whole sorry episode:  “What Graham misses, I believe, is that people who tell her they love her and hate her sin, in telling her they hate her sin, are in that very moment loving her. As we all know, there is no friendship among those who allow their friends to hurt themselves.”

So many who want to “follow their conscience” or “dissent” or “deviate from Church teaching” adopt views like Graham’s.  I have tried very hard to bend my mind to that of the Church.  There are areas where this is still a struggle for me, I think my libertarian leanings are somewhat at odds with some of the Church’s social doctrine, but where I sense a difference, I try hard to change my thinking to that of the Church.  I feel for Graham, because she seems to be putting her lifestyle, which I’m sure means very much to her, and possibly her political preferences ahead of the Church.  In short, and not to be uncharitable, it is hard not to see her repeated rejection of the doctrine of the Faith as making her sexuality and her politics her god.  I wish this were not the case, but I have read her material before, and it is hard not to reach this conclusion.  In spite of Bishop Zavala’s displeasure at us knuckle dragging, uncooth, judgemental bloggers, I feel that these pieces in the distoter, coming at us as they have so consistently for decades, have done great damage to the Faith in this country and around the world.  I wish they would convert, accept all the Faith, and strive to live their life in accord with the Faith.  God is generous and loving beyond measure.  He only asks that we try our best, to give our all.  When we deliberately reject large swaths of Church doctrine, we are cutting ourselves off from His Grace.  I’m sure that offends some who feel they are very faithful Catholics beyond measure, but looking at the great Tradition and Truth of the Church, I am unable to conclude otherwise.

And I am such a sinner.  I lied again, this was meant to be a “short” post! Hah!


1. Mary - August 13, 2010

My fear is not just for the souls of people like Graham, but because she is expressing her opinions in public, she is leading many others to sin as well. So now she is held accountable for her own sins as well as those she misleads with her words.
I’m beginning to understand who public figures must confess in public…they have an affect on so many souls.

It seems to me people like this are trying to get others to accept her position; as the more people that agree with her or have actions like hers, they easier it is to say ‘everyone else is doing it, it must be OK…

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