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This is how you celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!! August 18, 2010

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Spain may be rapidly secularizing, but they still know how to honor the Blessed Virgin and publically witness their Faith.  How many converts could be made by doing this down Ross Street in Downtown Dallas?  Why can we not have public processions for great Feast days, in addition to our ‘ecumenical’ procession on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade?  Processions are a way to visibly present the Gospel to an increasingly hostile and secularized culture.  I don’t think we can overestimate the impact of holding regular Marian and Eucharistic Processions again.

Go check out all the pics at the link.

Did USCCB offend Hindus? August 18, 2010

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Via culturewarnotes, an article stating Hindus feel terribly slighted by the USCCB for a quite negative review of the movie “Eat Pray Love,” wherein a woman engages in a spiritual journey ordered towards rejecting conventionality and embracing a fetishized ‘other,’ meaning something beyond her bourgoise experience.   A Hindu spokesman took offense at a review that described some Hindu practices as “The unhealthy atmosphere of semi-idolatrous worship….”  Well, from a Catholic perspective, they are idolatrous.  Were they supposed to say that Hinduism is really great, you should go check it out right away?  And by the way, stay away from that steak?

Another “problematic” quote, apparently, was this: “As she progresses along the path of her pampered pilgrimage-the sight of Indian children gazing at her passing taxi from the litter-strewn margins of a highway is dealt with as nothing more than local “color” — Liz engages in interminable navel-gazing and confuses psychobabble in the mouths of her chosen mentors for wisdom. The result is a dramatically sputtering, spiritually barren slog to the final credits.” 

Again, I’m not quite certain what the problem is here, either…..it seems the reviewer thought the movie was about a spoiled Western woman imagining she was receiving great insights from a fetishized ‘other’ who was beyond her normal experience, and therefore somehow ‘wise.’  Having read some of the book this movie is based on, I don’t think this is very much off base, it’s another in an endless series of ‘spiritual’ books pumped by Oprah which seek to advance some severely indifferent pseudo-Hindu/Buddhist/NewAge claptrap.  Because this particular book had a Hindu emphasis, was the reviewer supposed to fervently endorse that religion?  Or to say that the movie was great, so no one would be offended?  From the reviews I’ve read, the movie ain’t that great, and I can say, nor was the book. 

I say give the USCCB props for telling it like it is and not being afraid to take some criticism.  The book/movie intentionally avoid/denigrate Christianity as a reasonably source of spiritual enlightenment (apparently, it is passe’), so I am gratified that instead of being very PC and trying not to offend anyone, the reviewer let it be known they thought the movie was essentially worthless, and even dangerous for Catholics to view.

Voris lets atheists have it August 18, 2010

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If you’ve never read the comments section for a newspaper article or video on the web discussing the Church, you’re better off for not having done so.  You would likely be shocked at the extreme level of hate, loathing, and rage directed toward the Church, typically by those self-described atheists/agnostics, but sometimes from protestants or even disaffected Catholics.  Voris video from a few days ago on ‘Catholic government’ apparently sparked a great hue and cry among the atheists, who took their normal course of using four letter words in reply.  Because, you see, that shows their great levels of sophistication.

Nevertheless, Voris replies, and I would think this left a mark:

It is nothing more than Catholic Truth.  We are called to pray for even those that hate us, although it can be very hard, but if they persist in their rage-filled rejection of God, they are entrusting themselves soley to His Mercy, a Mercy they refuse to recognize even exists.

Fr. Corapi on dissent August 18, 2010

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My beautiful wife sent this to me.  It’s a transcript of a tape recording of Fr. John Corapi entitled “Messages for Homeschoolers.” 

There is no such thing as being a good Catholic and being disobedient to the Holy Father. There is no such thing as being a good Catholic and being a dissident when it comes to faith and morals. There is no such thing as dissent from authentic and authoritative Church teaching. No such thing. Those who do that separate themselves from Christ and His body. They become dead members of the body of Christ.You should avoid such people like the plague and you should keep your children from such people as though keeping them from the worst contagion, because contact with such people can poison their minds, poison their souls and kill them morally and spiritually, and you don’t want to be responsible for that. That is not lack of charity, that is not lack of pastoral concern. That IS charity, that IS being pastoral and that IS being merciful. It is not merciful to turn our children over to those that can poison their hearts and minds. That is not charitable, merciful, nor pastoral.Pray for people that attack the Church, the Holy Father, the Magisterium. Pray for them, love them indeed, but don’t listen to them and don’t put yourselves nor your children in a position where they or you can be influenced.Let me tell you something. The devil is smarter than you and me. He is a very high angel fallen from grace. Yet God has allowed him to retain that very high angelic intelligence. You will not outwit the devil; he’s very clever. Through true humility, through grace and through prayer, you win the battle. But don’t be presumptuous and think that out of some kind of misguided notion of being ‘open’, of being ‘tolerant,’ that you can subject yourself and your children to all forms of philosophical and theological error.Now I’ll put this very simply. As some of my rancher friends from Wyoming would put it, if you soak in a tub of manure, you might come out smelling funny. Well, if you soak in error, if you put yourself in an environment of religious error, theological and philosophical error, you’re apt to pick some of the smelly contagion of it. Don’t do that. That’s not smart. There’s a story from the annals of the Post Resurrection Church of St. John the Evangelist, the beloved disciple, who went to Ephesus. And the Blessed Mother went with him. And they say that St. John was within the public baths of Ephesus and a heretic came in from the other end of the public baths and word of his presence got to the other side to St. John. Now this is the Apostle that preached Love, right? St. John, the one who said God is Love. In his old age, the only thing St. John could say was ‘Love God.” That’s all he could say. He got word that a heretic had just come in the building, he leaped up, grabbed his clothes and ran out of the building yelling “run for your lives, the heretic ‘so-and-so’ just came in the house.” That was his attitude.

I’ll tell you something, I used to contest with these people. I used to debate with them. I used to engage in apologetics with them. I don’t do it anymore and I’m going to tell you something. For the most part, I am more qualified to do it than you are, than most of you. I’ve got a doctorate, I’ve got five degrees in Theology and Philosophy. I know the material, but I don’t do it because it is an exercise in futility and I don’t want to drive myself ‘nuts,’ in plain English, and it doesn’t work. Now, if I have to defend the faith, I’ll do that, but I do not engage in debates with people, especially with people who have lost the faith. There’s an axiom in metaphysics, ‘Things are received in the mode of the receiver.’ I say this over and over again. You get what you’re ready to get, you receive what you’re ready to receive.” 

Fr. John Corapi, SOLT — excerpt from the audio tape entitled “Messages for Homeschoolers” available from http://www.soltmedia.com/ .

 Go with what the Church teaches.  Don’t think you’re smarter than the Church.  I need to focus more on being little, on being simple.  On just listening and saying ‘Yes!’  It’s so easy to start thinking you can modify a bit here or there, or interpreting things to your liking – I fight that all the time, and I’m sure I fail frequently.  Read the Saints.  They have lived lives that were pleasing to God, follow their example.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez and Church doctrine on homosexuality August 18, 2010

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A reader sent me a link to a fairly extensive interview with Fr. Michael Rodriguez, a Catholic priest in the El Paso Diocese that garnered quite a bit of attention with a strident defense of Church doctrine regarding homosexuality.  A TV station in El Paso conducted an interview/debate with Fr. Rodriguez and an El Paso gay rights activist.  Unfortunatley, I cannot embed the video, but you can watch the 25 minute debate here.  When I saw the cassock, I knew Fr. Rodriguez had won.

Here’s a bit more of Fr. Rodriguez that I can embed.  I think it safe to say that this is my kind of priest!  Some may say he’s just a bigoted gay-baiter, but I believe he loves Christ, the Church, and those with homosexual inclinations so much he cannot do anything but present to them the pure, unadulterated Truth revealed by Jesus Christ through His Church.  Fr. Rodriguez says as much in the interview.  It’s worth your time to watch.

Speaking of, my birthday is next week, and to treat myself we’ll be at Mater Dei again.  Yay me!