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In other news, CCHD still funding pro-abort, Marxist groups August 24, 2010

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Deal Hudson at Inside Catholic has the scoop.  In addition to the 51 “problematic” groups found last year receiving funds from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an arm of the USCCB intended to promote “social justice,” 16 more new groups have been found that primarily support abortion, but also other things contrary to the Faith.  Most of these groups were present at something called US Social Forum 2010, where attendees were participating in numerous workshops promoting (what else!) Marxism, a radical view of homosexual rights, and abortion.  Some of the workshops included:

Maintaining abortion as a reproductive right for low-income women (think about that – a RIGHT)
Reproductive Justice 101
Why Capitalism is Orgainzed Crime and Socialism is the Alternative
Radical Queer Festivals
Queer Injustice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States
Young People and Sex Ed: Sexual Education Reproductive Justice (tell me they’re not targetting our kids – how many “educators in attendance?)

There is literally tons more at the link.  There are presently 62 problem groups funded by CCHD, taking  money from faithful Catholics during the Thanksgiving week collection and funneling it to organizations that routinely advocate for a culture directly antithetical to the Catholic Faith.  When I covered this last winter, I pretty much came to the conclusion that CCHD is fundamentally flawed in its design and intent and should be shut down.  This additional information only strengthens that belief.  In the current culture, Marxism (directly opposed by the Church) is wedded inexorably to those promoting “social justice.”  From its very inception by Saul Alinsky and others, the “social justice” movement has been a fringe, far-left wing movement oriented towards the creation of a Marxist socio-political system in this country.  The social justice movement is also inseparably wedded to the whole panoply of left wing social and moral “causes”, such as advancement of abortion as a right, enshrining rights for gay sex into law through marriage, etc,. very graphic and disturbing “sex education” for children intended to separate sex from any kind of moral viewpoint, and free condoms for all!   “Social justice” and marxism, abortion as a right, etc., are so inexorably linked that there is no way to separate them.  Thus, even if CCHD defunds all 67 of the “problem organizations” (they’ve defunded 5 so far), the problem will still remain.  The next  year, or the year after that, a whole new crop of “problem organizations” will show up. It’s less a problem of occasional screw ups, “accidentally” funding groups with agendas hostile to the Doctrine of the Faith – it’s a systemic problem that can never be eliminated with CCHD as presently construed.

This is why I continue to advocate that all faithful Catholics very prayerfully consider whether they can continue to support CCHD in any way.  Bear in mind, while there is a “CCHD collection” every year, monies for CCHD come from other sources as well, including diocesan “assessments” of local parish funds, Bishop’s annual appeals, and directly from operating budgets.   While the main goal of the “Reform CCHD Now” coalition is just that, reform, I do not see how reform can be successful without a virtual implosion of CCHD as presently constructed.  The “problems” are just too systemic to get around through a few changes here and there.

Am I being too harsh?  Should “social justice,” meaning advocating for empowerment of the poor through confiscatory taxation and redistribution of wealth, be the primary goal of a Catholic organization?  Can such an organization conduct this mission without engaging in activities that run counter to the Doctrine of the Faith?  And why is Bishop Gumbleton still taken seriously by anyone?!?


1. Cori Hyland - August 25, 2010

We cannot support CCHD and we need to be vocal.

Alinsky’s tactics are everywhere. We all living in a passive-aggressive culture that uses anything good we do against us and turns it around to make themselves look like the good guys.

He had support from key Catholics early on, even though he dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Satan.

Anyway, here’s something to help readers understand what sort of forces we are dealing with in the Church. http://www.infed.org/thinkers/alinsky.htm

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