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Awesome blog – Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration, Phoenix Arizona August 25, 2010

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I’ve blogged recently about how  much I like nuns.  My most direct experience with nuns has been with the Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration – in Hanceville and San Antonio.   Both of these groups are of course related to Mother Angelica.  A third group of Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration has established itself in Arizona, and they are working on building a monastery.  They’ve got  a great blog that allows one to stay on top of the construction progress and other news.  I love the name……..Medieval Dreams to Monastic Reality.  That’s just such a rebuke to our “modern” culture – the modern culture tends to look on anything more than a few years old as passe’ and unworthy of examination, let alone emulation.  So many try to reject what is true and timeless…..these contemplative nuns are a living rejoinder to that mindset.  The good nuns also have a website and another  blog.  They must keep busy!

There are of course very large expenses associated with building a new monastery.  This is not a modernist disaster, this is a tasteful, beautiful structure.  I think it is worthy of support.  If you, in your charity, feel inclined to support the Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration of Our Lady of Solitude, you can do so by going to their site and finding the yellow Paypal buttons.  Even more, you can support these dedicated nuns by praying for them.  We do so every night.

You know, the world tells us that a person has to have money, beauty, youth, and think the right, modernistic things to be happy.  The world says that giving up those things will surely lead to misery.  Such misery.  Do these nuns look miserable?  The word is joy.

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