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Activists plan to lead Catholics away from Truth UPDATED! August 26, 2010

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A group of homosexual activists have formed an organization, “Catholics for Equality,”  in order to lure Catholics to reject Church doctrine and support the gay agenda, including gay marriage.  The group claims:

American Catholic laymen support “LGBT equality,” and deplores that the “official voice of the hierarchy is increasingly one favoring discrimination and opposing just, humane, and reasonable efforts to secure legal equality for LGBT Americans.””We believe this trend is a repudiation of Catholic teaching about the equal dignity of every person as well as the American and constitutional values of fairness and equality under the law,” it states.

Who will “Catholics for Equality” target?  Given that most of their intellectual base, such as it is, can be found on college campuses, including many “Catholic” college campuses, they will start by forming “campus outreach” groups and hold lectures to try to convince college students to support the homosexual agenda.  Specifically, they want to try to encourage students to accept “LGBT equality as an American Catholic value.”  More on that later.  In addition, their website will include a page to report “anti-equality acitivity,” in order to bully those who remain faithful to the Truth revealed by Christ.   Their most important targets will be priests, like Fr. Michael Rodriguez, who proclaim the Church’s doctrine clearly. 

This is truly disturbing.  First, to proclaim “American Catholic values” is an attempt to divide the Universal Church.  So, American Catholics have different values than other Catholics, we believe different things, have different doctrines?  This is plainly in line with groups like Call to Action and others who have sought to break parts of the Church away from obedience to the Bishop of Rome.  Secondly, the leadership of this organization is dedicated to the promotion of freaky gay sex above everything else.  A main leader of this “Catholics for Equality” is Mark Matson, who heads Dignity USA (which helped distribute the materials in use at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano for their gay ministry), and who also leads a “Leather Ministry,” seeking to somehow “Christianize” bondage and domination involving leather.  Sr. Jeanine Gramick, so frequently quoted in the “Let’s Talk About Homosexuality” materials used at Seton and also told by the Vatican to stop discussing homosexual issues at all in public (she is not obeying), is also a leader of this new group.  Another leader is an openly gay priest and Georgetown professor, Fr. George Palacios (how can this be – an openly gay priest still serving?)

This is very dark.  As I said, priests and bishops will be a primary target of this group.  They will likely lobby for legislation making it a crime to proclaim fundamental Catholic moral Truth, that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered and homosexual sex is a serious sin – any means they can to silence one of the few remaining voices opposed to the homosexual agenda.  As we have seen, one cannot depend on famous “conservatives” to remain opposed to the homosexual agenda, and I would imagine that a great many non-Catholic Christian sects will fold, as well.  But none of this matters.  Christ has revealed through his Church His Truth.  The Church proclaims this Truth.  His Truth is unchanging.  These “activists” can bang their heads against the wall all they want, but they will not succeed in changing the Doctrine of the Faith.  They may lead many Catholics into sin by rejecting this Doctrine, which is probably their main goal (many of these ‘dissident’ groups seem bent on forming their own, infinitely malleable “American catholyc church” at some point in the future), but they will not change the Truth, because it cannot be changed. 

Pray for your priest, for all priests, and for the bishops to remain steadfast and ever more bold and clear in proclaiming Christ’s Truth.  Many souls may well depend on our prayers.

UPDATE: Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy has more.  Is Larry advocating meek acquiescence to the steamroller of the lavishly funded homosexual agenda?  No, no he is not:

Which proves that all the claims that so-called gay marriage will in no way impact or force the Church to accept such beliefs were just big fat heterophobic lies. That gay marriage will have no impact on straight marriage. Yeah, right. Well, if it affects Church teaching, then it affects straight marriage, because that’s the only form of marriage that exists: one man + one woman. Anything else is a sham.

But the bigger issue? It’s the parade of organizations that purport to call themselves ‘catholic’, when at the end of the day, there’s nothing remotely Catholic about them. There’s “Catholics For Choice”. “Catholic United”. “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good”. Not to mention the countless other Wandering Tribes, many of whom are involved with the upcoming American Catholic Council. Now “Catholics For Equality”. What do they all have in common? An abject hatred for the authoritative teachings of the Catholic Church, and a desire to wield the power of government to squash the influence of the Catholic Church in the public square.

While there’s nothing we can do about these groups being created – after all, Americans do have the guaranteed right of free association – there’s plenty we can do, and ought to do, to demonstrate repeatedly that these groups are opposed to Catholicism, not supporters of it. They are wolves in the sheepfold, poison in the veins. Faithful Catholics – who aren’t slaves to political correctness or idolaters of the spirit of the age – must expose the wolves and neutralize the poison.

And while there are plenty of great Catholic groups who stand for authentic Catholicism – Catholic League, Catholics United for the Faith, Catholic Answers, and numerous others – I think it’s time to create one more.

Catholics for C.A.T.H.O.L.I.C.I.S.M. That stands for “Crusading Against The Heterodox Organizations Lurking Inside Churches Increasingly Spreading Manure”. How’s that?

I had planned on dressing up as a crusader for Halloween this year (and pretty much every year after that, because of the expense involved).  I’m not talking about a cheap “crusader” suit, I’m talking real chain mail, sword and shield, barrel helmet, the whole works.  The only think I haven’t figured out yet is what to do for my legs and footwear.  To quote  my one time acquaintance Maj. Gen. “Suphi” Supatra, Royal Thai Army: “It’s time for a crusade.”


1. LarryD - August 30, 2010

Thanks for the link, tantomergo! If you’ve read the comments for that post, you’ll see that I’m discerning about starting such an online group. Pray for me!

tantamergo - August 30, 2010

Greatness, I will. And, more greatness with the takedown of VOTF over the weekend. Brilliance.

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