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Huge Breaking News on CCHD August 26, 2010

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I posted recently how Deal Hudson had found that dozens of Marxist, pro-abort, pro-gay marriage, and other groups are still receiving funding from CCHD.  Now, Catholic Culture is reporting explosive information regarding a high-level re-assessment of the CCHD occurring right now at the USCCB.  It appears that there is a document circulating among the bishops calling for a radical reappraisal of CCHD activities.  This document has been revised several times, but it seems that the majority of bishops still feel that it does not go far enough:

All members of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have been asked to respond by Friday, August 27, to a confidential report on the CCHD. The document—“The Review and Renewal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Deveopment”—was prepared in response to bishops’ concerns that the CCHD has strayed from its original and become too closely involved with radical political movements.

Although the “Review and Renewal” document has gone through 5 successive drafts, a number of bishops within the USCCB appear unsatisfied with the document, and supporters of the CHD are fearful that at their November meeting, the US bishops may call for sweeping changes in the program.

“CCHD is being closely examined and its mission questioned,” one ardent advocate for the program wrote in a letter to the heads of diocesan social agencies. Robert Gorman, the executive director of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, Louisiana, urged allies to contact their bishops and urge them to express their satisfaction with the “Review and Renewal” document, thus giving their support to the current direction and leadership of the CCHD.

The urgency with which CCHD supporters are lobbying the American bishops suggests that they expect a showdown with the program’s critics in coming weeks. So Catholics who hope for a fundamental change in the CCHD approach might also be inclined contact their bishops this week, to express their own concerns before the Friday deadline for comments on the “Review and Renewal” document.

Contact your bishop!  Bishop Farrell of the Dallas Diocese can be contacted by contacting the following:

Mary Edlund   Chancellor, Dallas Diocese   chancellor@cathdal.org 214-379-2819

Elsa Espinoza, Secretary, Bishop Kevin Farrell: eespinoz@cathdal.org 214-379-2816

ADDENDUM: The Catholic Culture report goes on to state that there are two camps – those who work in ‘social justice’ ministries and support CCHD, and the majority of bishops.  The CCHD supporters only want to make minimal changes – if any.  They will just continue as they have, occasionally “de-funding” groups when the pressure gets great.  The bishops want to re-orient CCHD to address the fundamental causes of poverty through the lens of Catholic social teaching – fixing the institution of marriage, restoring family life, improving education (the last could be a quagmire, depends on how they approach it.  “Education” is an endless playground of social justice types already).  I think the path forward is clear – encourage your bishop clearly, concisely, and politely to support the most thoroughgoing reform of CCHD possible, if not outright termination of the organization.

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