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Separation of Church and State – Obama Admin. Funding Mosques? August 26, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in scandals, Society.

According to the American Family Association, the United States, via the State Department, is going to spend $6 million this year to “restore” 63 mosques in 55 countries.  The amounts for the specific mosques are in the $50k – $100k range, which won’t buy you a great deal of restoration in the US, but is alot of money in places like Mauritania and Pakistan.   So, not only is this country beyond broke, but, apparently, we have just oodles of money to shower on other countries to improve their religious facilities.  A religion that has a history of not being terribly in love with the United States. 

And there is the endless irony of it all, like so many things associated with this Administration.  Is the Administration funding the restoration of Christian churches around the world?  Or in this country?  How do you think the ACLU or others with a pathological hatred of Christianity would respond if $6 million were given to restore some classical church somewhere in this country?  Would we ever hear the cries of “separation of church and state?”  Yet another small sign of the increasing favoritism and cowardice showed toward Islam by the secular elites of this country? 

You can take action by going to the AFA link and signing up to contact your congressman.  Those guys blow $6 million at lunch, but maybe it’ll make a difference.

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