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This is so wrong my brain is exploding August 28, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Dallas Diocese, foolishness, General Catholic, sickness.
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Most all my readers, I am sure, know, and probably profoundly dislike, the extremely tired hymn “Gather Us In.”  Well, I guess in the spirit of liturgical reform, or seeking to tie in with the growing respect for and adherence to Tradition in the Church, someone has recorded “Gather Us In” in Latin.  All I can say is, why?  It’s not that some in the Church just have a passion for Latin and want to hear everything, even really bad contemporary music, in Latin.  It’s that we want to return to our great Catholic patrimony!  This is just so wrong.  Does someone really believe all this desire for real, authentic Catholic liturgy is just about hearing one of the worst hymns ever sung in Latin?

Make it a game, see if you can watch it all the way through.  I couldn’t – I felt a severe vibration in my head and then my ears stopped working.  It took me several hours to recover.