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Mission accomplished, Catholycs in Alliance for the Common Good folds September 2, 2010

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Having accomplished their primary missions of getting Obama elected, health care passed, and abortion thus enshrined as a “right,” at least for the time being, the George Soros funded “Catholics in Alliance of the Common Good” has apparently folded.  This is such a tragic loss…….CACG consisted of anywhere from two to eight people, full time paid lobbyists whose only job was to try to convince Catholics that voting for democratic supporters of abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, socialism, etc., was the best possible course for any faithful Catholic.  From Catholic Culture:

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, the pro-Obama organization that presented itself as “inspired by Gospel values and the rich history of Catholic social teaching,” has apparently folded. “I’ve long asserted that CACG was a campaign organization and not a non-partisan advocate of Catholic Social Teaching as many news outfits have gullibly or willfully maintained,” said Jack Smith, editor of the newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph. “With the president elected and health care passed, it looks, for now, like the campaign is over.”

So, big surprise, right?  A fake catholyc group folds up after its lobbying work is done.  Unfortunately, there are still a number of similar groups, like Catholics for Choice and Catholics United, that consist of a few individuals, all paid lobbyists (generally receiving their funding from George Soros) who make full time jobs of trying to convince Catholics to vote for democrat politicians that hold views and support legislation that violates numerous moral doctrines of the Faith.  These people constantly misrepresent what they are (they claim to be good ‘ol folksy grass roots organizations, when they are nothing more than small, top-down directed agents of a leftist political agenda) and then cast aspersions on those faithful Catholics, many of which are bloggers, which seek to defend the true doctrine of the Faith and encourage Catholics to vote in support of that doctrine.  Many of these good folksy types at these catholyc groups later tend to get repaid with jobs from democrats they help elect (while running prostitution rings on the side), or get the democrat machine to get them elected, themselves.  So, everybody wins, right?  Oh, yeah, except that one bearded guy who said all that irrelevant stuff, like, way back in the 1800s or something.

As with all else, pray.



1. Cori - September 3, 2010

By this group folding, I pray lives and souls are saved.

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