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A beginning chant resource September 7, 2010

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This is very cool and helpful.  A beginning Gregorian Chant resource that starts literally at the most basic level and explains how to sing chant.   It’s technically free, but the site asks for a donation.   I’m posting a link to it below, but if you like the book and think you might use it, please go back to the orignal site and consider giving them a donation – as the saying goes, “ain’t nothing free in the ‘free’ world.”


I’m looking very much forward to my first chant practice session this Sunday.  I can sing a little chant, but I’m very much a novice.

But soon, you’ll know me as the Elvis of Chant.

Don’t forget – your mother’s birthday tomorrow September 7, 2010

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Tomorrow is your mom’s birthday.  Go see her at church. 

After all, she prays for your soul all the time.  Literally.

What Mass used to be like September 7, 2010

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I’ve heard both sides, you know – “oh, the old Mass was terrible, the priests said it in 10 minutes and no one knew what was going on  and we all HATED it.”  Or, “it was so beautiful and we loved it, then it was taken from us and we were given this protestantized construct,……”.  So, I’ve often wondered, what was Mass really like, you know, back in the day?  Here’s a bit of a High Mass from a movie called Christmas Holiday, made in 1944.   I think it’s beautiful!  I love the altar.  I’m not saying it’s representative of pre-Vatican II Mass everywhere – after all this is a movie.  Still…..that would be more than alright by me.

Do you know our Cathedral in Dallas used to have an altar like this:

Now we have a picnic table and a lovely replica of St. Juan Diego’s tilma, and nought else. 

h/t Sancte Pater

Pope will celebrate Mass in Latin during Britain trip September 7, 2010

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Well, many may have seen this elsewhere, but I may as well glom on (via culturewarnotes).  It seems Pope Benedict WILL indeed be celebrating Mass in Latin during the Papal Masses at Glasgow and Birmingham.   This is really a direct rebuke of all the organizers from the English and Scottish episcopal conferences had intended to highlight at these Papal Masses, which were looking more and more like an effort to showcase 40 years of liturgical abuse.   From Damian Thompson, one of the best reporters on Church topics:

Monsignor Guido Marini, Papal Master of Ceremonies, confirms in an interview with Scotland’s Herald newspaper today that during his visit to Britain Pope Benedict XVI will celebrate the Prefaces and Canons of all his Masses in Latin, “to emphasise the universality of the faith and the continuity of the Church”.

The Canon (Eucharistic Prayer) is the heart of the Mass, during which the priest consecrates and elevates the Host. There can be little doubt that Marini has put his foot down. Having already stopped liturgical philistines from subjecting the Pope to various musical horrors, he is now sending a clear – and, one suspects, deeply unwelcome – message to English, Welsh and Scottish bishops who actively discourage the celebration of Mass in Latin.

There’s particular fury among the diehard modernisers of Scotland, I gather, who have waged a sneaky battle to banish traditional worship from the Bellahouston Mass. They are now reduced to quibbling about the number of candles on the Glasgow altar, protesting at the Pope’s wish for six or seven on the grounds that… actually, I don’t know. Too Popish, perhaps?

Wow.  No more than two candles – why?  Anyway, there is so much scuttlebutt going on about the Pope’s trip to England that one of two things is going to happen – it’s either going to be an amazing triumph of the Holy Spirit over a certain amount of ill-will among the local episcopal conferences AND a great hostility among most of the culture, or it’s going to be a disaster of a trip based on those same two factors.  We just learned today of more of the music selected for the Pope – more synth-pop boy band blech.  The Pope has a great deal to fight through on this trip.  Perhaps you would say some extra prayers for him, that his visit may be instrumental in beginning the turnaround of one of the most pagan and hedonist cultures (British) in the world today?  If anyone can do it, Pope Benedict, under the aegis of the Holy Spirit, can.

An interesting new men’s apostolate September 7, 2010

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A new men’s apostolate, formed in Wisconsin but soon to branch out around the country, called the Knights of Mercy may soon be coming to an area near you.  I don’t know too much about them, but  they were formed under the approval of Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison and are dedicated to encouraging men to lead a more active and deeper faith life.  They encourage men to frequent the sacraments, study Scripture, and serve others.  They hold monthly meetings which include Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, Benediction, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  They also study chant and have formed a Schola!  Woot! 

They claim to be dedicated to a quest for holiness and a restoration of a sense of the sacred, two areas so totally missing in our current society.  My question to my local Dallas male readers is, would you have an interest in such an organization?  I’ll try to contact them to see if they have a lead person already in the area trying to form a chapter.  If not, I may take that up if there is an interest (and after I learn more about them). 

I think we need more men leading the charge to take back the culture from the forces of darkness, but many men don’t know where to even begin.  Perhaps an organization of like minded men like this can be a springboard to more men taking on that kind of role. 

For a little more about the group, these are the core aspects of their apostolate:

Worships at least once each week in the Most Holy Eucharist.
Prays every day
Studies Sacred Scripture every day.
Confesses sins regularly in the Sacrament of Penance
Serves others in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Shares personal gifts, time, and money with the Lord and His Church.
Connects with other disciples in Christian community.
Evangelizes the world through my words and deeds.