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Fr. Angelo Geiger on Spiritual Warfare September 8, 2010

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Recently at Mass, a local priest dismissed the notion of spiritual warfare, claiming that Christ is so infinitely powerful that satan and his minions have no chance against him.  He encouraged all at Mass to stay away from any books, websites, videos, etc., dealing with spiritual warfare.  While it is certainly true that Christ, through the Father, possesses an overwhelming power against ALL forces, wordly and otherwise, that does not apply to us, very human, very limited, and very fallen.  The forces of evil can array themselves against us, and spiritual warfare is very real. 

Fr. Angelo Geiger of the Franciscans of the Immaculate wrote on this subject recently:

St. Paul tells us that this warfare is spiritual and that our enemies are not flesh and blood (Eph. 6:10-12).  Our conflict is not fundamentally with other men, with the enemies of the Church, or with the practitioners of the occult.  It is worse than that.  In effect, but for the grace of God, we are totally outmatched.  Quoting Heinrich Schlier, Pope Benedict reminds us that the host sent against us, “never stops coming,” and “cannot really be pinned down and have no proper name.”  It starts out with an advantage because of its “superior position,” which is “impenetrable and unassailable.”  Furthermore, that host of enemies wields a malice that is deadly and undying……

The salvific will of Christ, on the other hand, separates light from the darkness.  Prayer must take the form of deliverance.  Spiritual warfare is a healing of the wounds that have been inflicted on us by our enemy.  Our confidence is in God, because we have put on His armor and have been promised victory, but we must, at all costs, remain under the protection of Christ’s Church by accepting and making fruitful her preaching, exorcizing and healing ministries.

Pope Benedict shows that healing is related to the exorcistic characteristic of Christianity.  All of Our Lord’s miracles of healing point to the “entire content of redemption.”  But healing can only come through Him:

The authority to cast out demons and to free the world from their dark threat, for the sake of the one true God, is the same authority that rules out any magical understanding of healing through attempts to manipulate these mysterious powers.  Magical healing is always tied to the art of turning the evil onto someone else setting the “demons” against him.  God’s dominion, God’s Kingdom, means precisely the disempowerment of these forces by the intervention of the one God, who is good, who is the Good itself.

Spiritual warfare is, then, first of all, a matter of the heart, that is, it is a matter of remaining morally free of demonic contamination.  Such contamination we call sin.  Exorcists will tell us that the primary way to guard against extraordinary demonic influence is to resist the ordinary one that takes the form of temptation.  For this the “armor of God,” consists in the faith, prayer and the sacraments.  More often than not, if we are living a faith-filled, sacramental life we will be protected from evil.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, formerly of Human Life International, is an exorcist who has described his experiences of spiritual warfare vividly.  He agrees with Fr. Geiger, that if we keep to the Sacraments, avoid sin, stay away from sources of darkness in our culture (the occult, new age practices, seances, and their numerous representations in modern society in “harmless” things like heavy metal death  music, etc.,) we are almost certainly to remain substantially protected from these dark forces.  But, if we turn away from the Sacraments, become embroiled in sin, and start dabbling in the occult, perhaps, we can find ourselves in more trouble than we can imagine.  While spiritual warfare is one of those salacious topics of Faith that some people may tend to focus on too much, it is real, and should not be discounted.  We have powerful enemies, and our own fallen nature can make us enemies to ourselves.  That is why we should try to cling to the Saving Blood of Christ all the more tightly – it is our best, our only, protection.


1. Davd in McKinney - September 11, 2010

You can’t be serious! OK I believe it! Where at in big D was this.. at St. Mark’s?

I think one can go too far… I read a book on it that ended up to where this guy was finding demons everywhere and was constantly battling them everywhere…. Seems like satan was winning that battle because the author focused more on battle than anything else in his life.

tantamergo - September 11, 2010

It was Fr. Hopka at St. Mark. I agree, there are some (a very few) who claim to find a demon under every rock. That is too much. But spiritual warfare is true, both my wife and I have (completely separately) experienced what I would describe as dark forces or demonic influence. I certainly felt it when I was using. But God had something in mind for me, I think, because even in the depths of addiction and constant sins of concupiscence, I felt God calling me back.

One day, I’ve got to try to put my experiences into some sort of story.

2. William Mallory - September 12, 2010

I have experienced spiritual warfare and wrote about it. This was confirmed later by an wex witchcraft person that fedishes were put on church property and cursed. Four pastors in a row got into trouble and had to resign. I wrote a book when trying to figure it out. “One S Day Spiritual Warfare” was written with much prayer and Bible study. Many years later the war is even stronger. We have an enemy that won’t give up until He is in the abyss.
Thanks and Lord Bless,
William Mallory

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