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Michael Voris rebutts Cardinal McCarrick September 9, 2010

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There has been a great deal of Catholic blog chatter about some comments Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, former Archbishop of Washington, DC,  made concerning whether Islam is as valid a religion as Christianity and whether Christians should have the right to practice their religion freely, or even evangelize, in Muslim countries:

  Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Catholic archbishop emeritus of Washington, D.C., told CNSNews.com that if “someone sees the Gospel as the truth of God’s presence in our world, that person should embrace the Gospel.” He also said, however, “If a person sees the Quran as proof of God’s presence in the world, then I cannot say, ‘Don’t embrace the Quran.’”

So, not a ringing endorsement of Jesus’ call to all of us, all the Body of Christ, to go and evangelize the world.  To McCarrick, apparently, this imperative does not apply, at least so far as “scary” religions like Islam are concerned.   Does McCarrick hold the same view regarding all other religions, or is it just because Muslims have a rather sordid recent history of violent acts towards those who do not submit?  Is this more evidence of ecumenism gone insane, where the goal of “tolerance” trumps all, especially the Truth?

This is difficult for me to read.  But, interestingly, Michael Voris produced a video two days ago, before this McCarrick story broke, on the subject of what belief in the Triune God means for all of us who claim to be believers in Christ.  Although not intended to be, it is a refutation of McCarrick’s milquetoast comments:

What do you think of McCarrick’s comments?  Am I over-reacting to his attempt at some from of ecclesial political correctness?  Do you think McCarrick really has drunk the Kool-Aid and believes we have no business evangelizing those of other faiths?


1. Teresa - September 9, 2010

I don’t think that Cardinal McCarrick is saying “don’t evangelize” but through his words I do see him indicating that Jesus and Allah are equals as well as other faiths being equal to that of Catholicism. I just don’t get how he can think this or even give this impression as a Catholic Cardinal especially with him believing in God – The Way, the Truth, and the Life. I posted on this subject as well.

tantamergo - September 10, 2010

I’m extrapolating a bit based on some other aspects of his character, which are not too good. In 2004, the Cardinal Ratzinger sent a letter to all US bishops regarding the receipt of the Blessed Sacrament by, ahem, Catholic politicians that have repeatedly and publically rejected Church doctrine. The letter indicated these individuals were to be denied Communion due to the grave scandal they caused. Ratzinger sent the letter first to McCarrick to distribute to all bishops. McCarrick had the portion about denying Communion edited out – he changed Ratzinger’s message completely. In his dealings with powerful politicias and celebrities, McCarrick was repeatedly willing to fudge on the faith, and remains particularly close to the Kennedys.

My supposition is, if McCarrick were to give a speech on evangelization, his message would be very politically correct and focused entirely on not offending anyone. Essentially, don’t evangelize.

I saw your post. You’re probably more fair minded than me on this subject, but I’ve read a great deal about McCarrick and he is not what one expects from a Cardinal.

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