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Statistics tell the Planned Parenthood story September 10, 2010

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And, it ain’t pretty.  Planned Parenthood likes to sell themselves as a wonderful pregnancy resource center, where women can come to get all kinds of help in the area of pregnancy and childbirth.  They swear, promise, take an oath on a stack of Bibles, that they never, EVER, no sir!, even consider pushing people to get an abortion.  Well, thanks to CatholicVote, the statistics tell a rather different picture:

Interestingly, while the number of abortions in the US dropped between 1997 and 2008 by about 15%, Planned Parenthood’s abortion business increased 100%.  As Planned Parenthood becomes more radicalized and more pushed to the margins of society, they are focusing their business on their primary income source (aside from the hundreds of millions of dollars they receive from government agencies every year): abortion.  And more and more information is making it clear that Planned Parenthood pushes abortion at the expense of any other possible alternative, because abortion is lucrative.  It doesn’t cost much to kill a baby with suction or scissors, and abortions go from $1000 to $5000 each, sometimes more.  Lots of profit potential there.  As more and more independent abortion mills close, due to their practioners winding up in jail or retiring due to old age (or prayers having an effect), Planned Parenthood is moving in to take up the slack.

And, Planned Parenthood is very close to achieving the coup that will keep them in business for as long as can be foreseen: the massive injection of funding due to arrive with Obamacare.  Already, Planned Parenthood is engaging in a building boom to meet the expected demand. 

I cannot imagine having so much blood on my hands.  I cannot imagine being so deluded as to essentially hinge an entire world view (the radical feminish world view), on such a horrid sacrifice.  I do not think we are fighting just fallen man on this one.  All these sacrifices are too reminiscent of the sacrifices to Moloch and other dark gods that used to fire men’s nightmares. I think we’re dealing with utter darkness.


Keep making progress September 10, 2010

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From My Daily Bread:

My child, progress in the spiritual life does not consist in having a great deal of interior joy and consolation.  It consists in being humble, patient, and free from self-pity when things go wrong.  Faithfully go on with your affairs, and do not become careless in your prayers and good works when you no longer find pleasure in them.  Continue doing your best in your daily duties in spite of any disinterest, anxiety, or even disgust.

Some people grow impatient and careless in serving Me when things do not go as they desire.  It is not always in a man’s power to choose what he wants in his earthly life.  In spite of all yoru plans and precautions, you can not avoid all disappointments. Even the mistakes and sins of others, which make your life harder, are permitted fro a good reason.

I have a plan for you, by which you may become truly great. I send you what is best fo ryou.  If you follow My Will, you will have My peace on earth and My joy in Heaven.  If you rebel, you will hurt yourself and probably some of the people in your life.  I owe you nothing.  You owe Me absolutely everything.  Whether you receive much or little, you are always in debt to Me for all things.

Whenever I start feeling too big for my britches, which is often, it helps me to remember that every breath I take, every second of every day, is a gift from God, and I owe my all to Him.  I do not warrant anything I have received, and yet I am frequently ungrateful for what I have.  I pray that I may become a far better person.  I have a very long way to go.