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The Russian Orthodox Church minces no words September 14, 2010

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The Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Kirill appears to be done playing pointless footsie with various sects.   The Russian Orthodox Church’s primary external perlate, Metropolitan Hilarion, recently thoroughly bashed all the trends towards secularism, moral decay, liberalism, and indifferentism in many protestant churches, and had particularly harsh words for the Anglicans, in the presence of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, no less:

Speaking in England on September 9, the Russian Orthodox prelate in charge of ecumenical relations minced no words as he blasted developments in contemporary Anglicanism.

In the presence of Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk criticized “the unrestrained liberalization of Christian values [that] continues in many communities of the Anglican world,” as well as the Church of England’s moves towards a female episcopate. He added, “It is impossible to pass silently by the liberalism and relativism which have become so characteristic of today’s Anglican theology.”

The Russian prelate warned candidly that if the Anglican communion continues to embrace liberal ideas, Orthodox-Anglican dialogue may come to an end. He argued that the most important dividing line in the Christian world today separates those who accept the authority of Church traditions and those who do not. He suggested that the more fruitful ecumenical collaboration in the future would join the efforts of those who embrace Biblical teachings and traditions, including the Orthodox, some Catholics, and Evangelicals.

Metropolitan Hilarion also spoke of “the possibility of establishing an Orthodox-Catholic alliance in Europe for defending the traditional values of Christianity. The primary aim of this alliance would be to restore a Christian soul to Europe. We should be engaged in common defense of Christian values against secularism and relativism.”

In the mealy mouthed world of ecumenical dialogue, such bold, factual statements are so unheard of, there were collective gasps heard around the world.   While the goal of Christian unity is certainly laudable, it should never be achieved at the expense of the Truth.  Far to many of those engaged in ecumenism are ready to jettison truth for a false unity.  We can only be one by accepting the Truth revealed by Christ, and that means union with the Traditional doctrine of the one Church instituted by Christ. 

Does anyone think the Metropolitan is wrong?  Is there much future for “liberal” Christianity that seeks accomodation with the culture?   I pray that the more orthodox Churches will join together and fight the decay of the culture as much as possible – I think this may be the only way to stave off a modern dark age.  And regarding the divisions within Christianity – where is the division greater, between the Orthodox Church and traditional Catholics, or between liberal and traditional Catholics?


1. Ad Orientem - September 15, 2010


2. Dave in McKinney - September 15, 2010

One of the bigger reasons that I returned home to RC Church was the quickening decay of the Protestant churches worldwide.

Pope B16 seems to be righting this ship and I see a new movement.. er rather return to traditional Catholic morals.

tantamergo - September 15, 2010

I see it, too, but we’ve got a long ways to go. I agree on the decay of ‘mainline’ protestant sects, and I think the ‘evangelical’ movement is going to continue to splinter with more and more seeking accomodation with the culture. And then there’s the next to nothing theology of the megachurches. The Church will pick up some, many will be lost to paganism/lapsed Christianity. The sooner the Church returns to a fuller and clearer embrace of Traditional Truth, the better the rest of the culture will fare.

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