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Mass. public school students encouraged to pray to Mecca September 17, 2010

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The sudden coverage of Islam related events is not intended to be a theme of this blog, but there have been a number of interesting/revealing stories lately.  In Massachussets, public school students from Wellesley Middle School were sent on a trip to a local mosque during Friday prayers, where they were supposed to learn about Muslim history.  Instead, they wound up being led in prayers and bowing to Mecca.  This is potentially very dangerous, on a number levels – if one says in Arabic “There is one god, allah, and mohammed is his proph**,” you have just become muslim.  If any of the kids were mimicking the prayers, well….we know how some muslims deal with apostates. 

Isn’t this supposedly one of the most sacrosanct elements of our secular culture – that exposing public schoolchildren to any form of religion is absolutely heinous?  What do you suppose the reaction would be if the class had been led to, say, Benediction in a Catholic church?  And no, the parents were not forewarned nor was there an ability to opt out.  Why?  Well, because in the left/liberal mindset, Islam constitutes an “other” outside their bourgeouis experience that is thus above reproach.  Thus, exposing children to this religion is fine – it’s only the Christian religion, which they perceive as being part of the ‘evil’ West, which is totally forbidden.

And, oh yeah….Islam is becoming the de facto state religion of the United States.  After all, burning a Koran or saying derogatory things about Islam is not protected speech, according to a Supreme Court justice. 

Pray.  It’s going to be a rough ride.

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