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This video is our life! September 21, 2010

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I think my wife has been involved in conversations like this on many occasions.  I have as well, though not as much as my wife.  Excepting the fact that the Lord did not intend for us to move and buy a farm (at this time), this video is US!  Completely!  The homeschooling, going to daily Mass, Confession, not watching TV, etc.  Our kids don’t know who Lady Miley Montana is!  So many think we’re nuts, but living as we do has made us alot happier all around, I think.

Bah, I can’t figure out how to embed this xtranormal video in wordpress!  Follow the link, I’ll try to get it embedded.


h/t to Les Femmes – The Truth


1. Mary - September 21, 2010

The kids watched this -we were laughing so hard…
this (minus the computerized monotone) is what I experience periodically; the worse case (or most surprising) is from my Catholic neighbor.

I was most irritated when she looked at my children and said “you have too many kids”…

2. KathiBee - September 23, 2010

oh my gosh, we were laughing watching this — this has happened so many times to me (although not all the questions at one time)and to our three older ones who are in college/high school/middle school.

Our oldest at college recently got the comment – “Why are you still wearing skirts everyday? You don’t live at home anymore…..” (but she does wear cool skirts w/tennis shoes)

It is frustrating when people think you are casting judgment on them b/c of choices you’ve made for your family.

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