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Wow! Who would like Mass like this? September 22, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery, Society.

This is a video showing a parish that celebrates very reverent Novus Ordo Mass, the current Mass everyone is used to, by the way. Who would like to see the Mass at their Church more like this?  Vestments more like this?  Altar boys (not servers) more like this?  Church decor more like this?

Am I the only one?

There is a parish in the area that celebrates Mass in a very similar manner.  It’s a bit of a drive.  Would anyone else like to have more parishes celebrating Mass in this manner – parishes closer to the centers of population in this diocese, perhaps?  Would very reverent and beautiful Mass celebrations cause your checkbook to mysteriously fly open?  That sometimes happens to me…..

We are told that celebrating Mass in this manner just could not happen – so many people would be upset, they would have palpitations, pearls would be clutched, etc.  I think the conventional wisdom is wrong, again.  I think of various folk who say only the very old and out of touch would like to celebrate Mass in this manner, and for some reason, I can’t stop clearing my throat!  Ahem!  AHEM!  AHEMM!  Is it not perhaps the other way around, the ultra-modern, barren churches and folk guitar Masses that are, perhaps, not quite what many desire?

As this video indicates, there are very palpable benefits to be had by celebrating Mass in a very reverent manner, and enhancing the worship experience (because, that’s what we’re doing – rendering honor and glory to God) by having very beautiful churches.  As the priest says, the statues, stained glass, altarpiece, etc, are not distracting, they hope to focus one back on what the Mass is really about when one gets distracted by the kids, the woman in the short dress, whatever.

I think having Confession during Mass is another good idea. 

Thanks to Fr. Adamcyzk!


1. FrDarryl - September 22, 2010

Excellent! But now I also have that 70s Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom advert playing in my head: ‘Mutual of Omaha is people you can count on when the going’s rough.’

2. Chris Baker - September 22, 2010

So where in our area is Mass like this? I’ve got a serious case of parish envy after watching that vid.

3. Dave in McKinney - September 24, 2010

I am very envious of Orthodox and Eastern catholic churches… the aesthehtics of their churches and liturgies really enhances the “heaven on earth” worship purpose/experience

tantamergo - September 24, 2010

The Catholic Mass, and Catholic church art and architecture, at one time would have compared very favorably to the best of Orthodox practices. But, sadly, over the past several decades, beginning well before Vatican II, the Catholic Church sort of lost much of that, and now what we have in many cases is a very pale reflection on past beauty and glory.

But, having read some of Church history recently, this has happened before. There have been several periods in the Church where liturgy and worship standards declined, and where adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith all but collapsed. Those periods tended to be followed by great flowerings of Faith and liturgy. We may just be beginning to emerge from one of those nadir points. In the long history of the Church, such cycles are slow – things gradually fall apart, a nadir is reached, and then things gradually tend to right themselves. There is always a core reason for these cycles – pride, followed by abasement.

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