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I’m an equal opportunity offender September 23, 2010

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I sort of ripped on public schools (again) in a preceding post.  But far be it from me to discriminate.  Parochial, and, in particular, Catholic schools, also have their share of problems.  A Catholic school in Massachussetts published an article about the homosexual lives of some of the students at Sacred Heart High School in the student newspaper.  The  article wasn’t lewd or pornographic, but it was certainly dismissive of Catholic moral doctrine, and used discredited statistics to try to “normalize” homosexual behavior.  So, parents complained.  The classic pattern then ensued – denial, obfuscation, finger pointing, and the round robin denial of responsibility (it works the same way with issues of liturgical abuses or denial of the implementation of certain reforms, such as Summorum Pontificum).

Many Catholic parents spend a great deal of money to have their children receive educations at Catholic schools.  They do so in the  belief that such enrollment will insure their kids get very solid instruction in the Faith (this is often quite wrong), that they will be shielded from the decadence and decay so prevalent in our society today, and will probably receive superior secular instruction.  Many parents even feel they don’t need to do any formation in their children’s Faith, because the school is supposed to do that.  For a few Catholic schools, the above assumptions are valid.  But for many Catholic schools, significant problems can emerge.  Some of the most persistent problems center on the reliable and accurate transmission of the Faith to the students.  I have heard and read numerous reports of teachers at Catholic schools bashing the Pope, the priesthood, and doctrine on all the “groinal” issues – contraception, abortion, homosexuality, etc.  There can always also be incidental exposure to students who perhaps aren’t on the same moral plane that you are trying to instill in your child(ren).

An extreme example: when I first started this blog, I was contacted by a woman who was very concerned about a particular school in this diocese.  Her daughter had been exposed to some very dark things there.  Her daughter may have become possessed – she manifested extremely serious symptoms and eventually had to have some drastic spiritual intervention.  After that, she recovered.   That may be an extreme case, but the point is this – Catholic schools, at this time, are not a panacea.   They bear just as close scrutiny as any other school. 

I can think of a school that is excellent by every report I have seen – Atonement Academy in San Antonio.  There, students are instructed in the Faith to the highest standards.  Daily Mass attendance is required.  There are Poor Clare nuns on the campus.  And the teachers must sign an oath of fidelity to faithfully transmit the Faith, and only the true Doctrine of the Church and not their personal interpretation of it, to the students.  Atonement Academy is one of the most successful Catholic schools of recent times, and they are about to undergo their fourth expansion in the last 15 years.  I do not think something like this oath of fidelity is common.  Perhaps some might think it extreme, a violation of “rights.”  Such oaths used to be commonplace for anyone with a position of authority in the Church – priest, religious, teacher, principal – anyone.  Perhaps one of the reasons we have so many problems with fidelity today, is that few in positions of high authority (like, bishops) insist on this kind of strict adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith (re: the primacy of the individual conscience).

Some might think I exaggerate about some of the, uh……..doctrinal liberties……..taken by Catholic school teachers.  A further example, from a Catholic high school teacher in Cincinnatti, espousing a form of Mariology foreign to Catholics:

Mary is far too rich a resource of faith to let this happen. To do this, though, Mary must be taken off her pedestal. With her feet firmly on the ground, one discovers that her name, like Moses’ sister of old, is Miriam. The religious tradition she faithfully practices is Judaism. The classic Catholic Marian doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption are foreign to her ears.

More to the point, as a woman living in first-century Palestine, Miriam is struggling to survive a life marked by oppression. Economically she belongs to a peasant class which works the land with little compensation. Furthermore, given the people’s tax burden to Rome, Herod the Great and temple, it is quite burdensome.

Politically, though, she retains the dangerous memory of the liberating story of Exodus; her homeland is occupied by a foreign power which cares little for the inhabitants and maintains control through violence. This will be illustrated most visibly in the death of her son by crucifixion.

Socially, as a woman, she is marginalized in a culture which privileged males. …

So, she is not Mary, Mother of God, she is Miriam, struggling proletariat victim of her debauched capitalist overlords, yearning to “serve” as a womynpriest and to free the masses repressed by the evil American Roman Empire.  And Chimpy McBusHitler, don’t forget that.

How pathetic.

Bishop Olmstead has the courage of his convictions September 23, 2010

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Any guy who withstood the firestorm he did after making plain that a female religious had excommunicated herself for sanctioning an abortion at a Catholic hospital (has she repudiated her action and returned to the Sacraments?), who then goes on to excommunicate a priest for taking part in a simulated ordination, has got to be someone who believes strongly in the Doctrine of the Faith.  He is suffering for his adherence to the Truth:

Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted has excommunicated a priest who participated in the attempted ordination of a woman in cahoots with a schismatic sect with ties to California.

The priest, Fr. Vernon Meyer, took part in the attempted ordination last month of social worker Elaine Groppenbacher in Tempe. The ‘ordination’ was performed by Bishop Peter Hickman of St. Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church in Orange, part of the self-styled “Ecumenical Catholic Communion.” Over the last several years, Hickman has been traveling from California to states like Arizona and Colorado to perform the bogus ordinations.

In addition to ordaining women “priests,” the Ecumenical Catholic Communion allows open access to the Eucharist to anyone regardless of faith, permits its priests to marry, allows remarriage after divorce, approves of contraception and artificial insemination, rejects the authority of the pope, and spurns Canon Law.

A similar episode in September 2009 in which Hickman “ordained” two women in Longmont, Colorado, prompted a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Denver to call the Ecumenical Catholic Communion “a fringe group, like other such groups that disagree with Church teaching. They are in schism.”

Bishop Olmstead stated:

“It was also reported in the news that Fr. Vernon Meyer, a priest of our diocese, participated in the attempted ordination.
Actions such as these are extremely serious and carry with them profoundly harmful consequences for the salvation of the souls participating in this attempted ordination. To feign the conferral of the Sacrament of Holy Orders results in the penalty of excommunication. This penalty applies both to the person attempting the ordination and the person attempting to be ordained.”

The excommunication of Fr. Meyer brings to five the number of diocesan priests Bishop Olmsted has excommunicated since he took over the diocese in 2003.

I should add, the priest in question, Vernon Meyer, has already left the Church and is working as a minister for a protestant sect.  Like his buddy and LifeTeen founder Dale Fushek before him, both repudiated Church doctrine and then left to become protestant ministers.

I pray for Bishop Olmstead, and other bishops, every night, and for the conversion of these wayward men.

St. Augustine and I probably would have gotten along September 23, 2010

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“Vanity of vanities……All things are vanities!”  From St. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 1 Chapter 20:

But my chief sin was this, that I looked for pleasure, beauty, and truth not in Him, but in myself and his other creatures, and the search led me instaed to pain, confusion, and error.  My God, in whom is my delight, my glory, and my trust, I think you for your gifts and beg you to preserve and keep them for me.  Keep me, too, and so your gifts will grow and reach perfection and reach perfection and I shall be with you myself, for I should not even exist if it were not by your gift.

That’s pretty much the size of it.  I kept running away, even though I could feel Him calling regularly, but I, like Augustine, would say to God “Make me holy, Lord, but not yet.”

Oh boy….. September 23, 2010

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….this is probably not going to endear me to certain quarters, but according to an organization government agency called the (State of) Maine Human Rights Commision, boys now have the right to use the girls bathroom – if said boy happens to be the member of a favored class, namely, gay/transgendered frighteningly confused.

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that Orono Middle School unlawfully discriminated against a sixth-grader during the 2008-2009 school year by not letting the male-to-female transgender student use the girls’ bathroom.

This is the same student whose parents filed a similar discrimination complaint against Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono when their child was a fifth grader there during the 2007-2008 school year. That case resulted in the same ruling against the school district in June 2009.

Also Monday, the commission members again began talks about developing anti-discrimination guidelines specifically for schools under the Maine Human Rights Act.

The parents of the child, who no longer attends schools in the district, wrote in their latest complaint to the commission that she [sic] experienced anxiety and depression after officials at Orono Middle School forced her [sic] to use a gender-neutral bathroom and her [sic] peers picked on her [sic].

To quote the writer who originally posted on this, “As with everything they touch, liberals have reduced the concept of human rights to a nauseating farce.” 

First…..it’s very hard to try to comprehend how parents can endorse this kind of behavior.  I have a 5th grade age child – she routinely needs guidance on how to dress, let alone deciding something so enormous as which gender she should be.  Can the parents involved really be certain their extremely young child (10!!) has correctly identified that they were born of the wrong sex and need to live as the opposite?  How would such a child even come to such a conclusion – I mean, I have several daughters, the concept of “switching genders” is so totally unnatural to their behavior, I cannot see how they could arrive at a conclusion that they were somehow meant to be a boy.  I cannot see how anyone can arrive at this decision, period, but at such a young age?  It is difficult to understand how someone so young could reach such a “decision” without significant outside pressure/modeling. 

Secondly, are only favored individuals allowed to use whichever bathroom they choose on any given day?  Or is this to be a general policy.  The article isn’t clear.  If the latter, and how could it not be in view of such an expansive take on “rights” embodied in the “human rights commission’s decision, how are 10 year olds, or younger, supposed to understand proper behavior and propriety in such an intimate, close quarters environment?   We are told we have such a dreadful, horrible, shortage of teachers.  Will teachers now be required to police co-ed bathrooms?

Third – why on earth would a state, any state, need something so Orwellian as a “human rights commission?”  In truth, this commission (like its now largely defunct antecedent in Canada) is not intended to guard and defend the natural rights endowed by God, but to extend the power of the government deeper and deeper into individual lives in pursuit of its own agenda, which is almost always hostile towards traditional morality.

Fourth, and here there be dragons for me……yet again, we see a public school system instituting an asinine policy in order to perpetuate those “rights” which seem to always be found by those pushing a certain political agenda.  I do not know how, perhaps saner, parents in districts afflicted with this kind of activity deal with situations like these.  If you don’t want your child going to a co-ed bathroom, what are they supposed to do…..hold it?  Run home, go, and come back?   Would this be a deal breaker for any parents with regard to having their child(ren) in district with this kind of policy?   I note in passing that issues like this are rarely a problem for those who homeschool.

It appears this commission decision will likely bear on the final court decision on this issue.  This family has sued repeatedly over the treatment of their child.  They have already won a case requiring an elementary school(!!) to acquiesce to their demands, that the restrooms be open to transgendered the sadly confused.

This is beyond bad September 23, 2010

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What a disastrously, monstrously out of control federal government we have.  My lord, what a disaster.  The graph plainly shows Bush/Republican Congress was no great shakes – they started the explosion, it just got exponentially worse under Obama.  The problem is less party, it’s class – we have a small group of elites who think we should be an effete, mediocre socialist country.  This – this graph and others like it – are why the Tea Parties have exploded into the biggest political force in the nation.

Holy Mary, pray for us.  This country desperately needs your prayers and the virtues of wisdom, temperance, and thrift.