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Bishop Olmstead has the courage of his convictions September 23, 2010

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Any guy who withstood the firestorm he did after making plain that a female religious had excommunicated herself for sanctioning an abortion at a Catholic hospital (has she repudiated her action and returned to the Sacraments?), who then goes on to excommunicate a priest for taking part in a simulated ordination, has got to be someone who believes strongly in the Doctrine of the Faith.  He is suffering for his adherence to the Truth:

Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted has excommunicated a priest who participated in the attempted ordination of a woman in cahoots with a schismatic sect with ties to California.

The priest, Fr. Vernon Meyer, took part in the attempted ordination last month of social worker Elaine Groppenbacher in Tempe. The ‘ordination’ was performed by Bishop Peter Hickman of St. Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church in Orange, part of the self-styled “Ecumenical Catholic Communion.” Over the last several years, Hickman has been traveling from California to states like Arizona and Colorado to perform the bogus ordinations.

In addition to ordaining women “priests,” the Ecumenical Catholic Communion allows open access to the Eucharist to anyone regardless of faith, permits its priests to marry, allows remarriage after divorce, approves of contraception and artificial insemination, rejects the authority of the pope, and spurns Canon Law.

A similar episode in September 2009 in which Hickman “ordained” two women in Longmont, Colorado, prompted a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Denver to call the Ecumenical Catholic Communion “a fringe group, like other such groups that disagree with Church teaching. They are in schism.”

Bishop Olmstead stated:

“It was also reported in the news that Fr. Vernon Meyer, a priest of our diocese, participated in the attempted ordination.
Actions such as these are extremely serious and carry with them profoundly harmful consequences for the salvation of the souls participating in this attempted ordination. To feign the conferral of the Sacrament of Holy Orders results in the penalty of excommunication. This penalty applies both to the person attempting the ordination and the person attempting to be ordained.”

The excommunication of Fr. Meyer brings to five the number of diocesan priests Bishop Olmsted has excommunicated since he took over the diocese in 2003.

I should add, the priest in question, Vernon Meyer, has already left the Church and is working as a minister for a protestant sect.  Like his buddy and LifeTeen founder Dale Fushek before him, both repudiated Church doctrine and then left to become protestant ministers.

I pray for Bishop Olmstead, and other bishops, every night, and for the conversion of these wayward men.

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