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Oh boy….. September 23, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, scandals, sickness, Society.

….this is probably not going to endear me to certain quarters, but according to an organization government agency called the (State of) Maine Human Rights Commision, boys now have the right to use the girls bathroom – if said boy happens to be the member of a favored class, namely, gay/transgendered frighteningly confused.

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that Orono Middle School unlawfully discriminated against a sixth-grader during the 2008-2009 school year by not letting the male-to-female transgender student use the girls’ bathroom.

This is the same student whose parents filed a similar discrimination complaint against Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono when their child was a fifth grader there during the 2007-2008 school year. That case resulted in the same ruling against the school district in June 2009.

Also Monday, the commission members again began talks about developing anti-discrimination guidelines specifically for schools under the Maine Human Rights Act.

The parents of the child, who no longer attends schools in the district, wrote in their latest complaint to the commission that she [sic] experienced anxiety and depression after officials at Orono Middle School forced her [sic] to use a gender-neutral bathroom and her [sic] peers picked on her [sic].

To quote the writer who originally posted on this, “As with everything they touch, liberals have reduced the concept of human rights to a nauseating farce.” 

First…..it’s very hard to try to comprehend how parents can endorse this kind of behavior.  I have a 5th grade age child – she routinely needs guidance on how to dress, let alone deciding something so enormous as which gender she should be.  Can the parents involved really be certain their extremely young child (10!!) has correctly identified that they were born of the wrong sex and need to live as the opposite?  How would such a child even come to such a conclusion – I mean, I have several daughters, the concept of “switching genders” is so totally unnatural to their behavior, I cannot see how they could arrive at a conclusion that they were somehow meant to be a boy.  I cannot see how anyone can arrive at this decision, period, but at such a young age?  It is difficult to understand how someone so young could reach such a “decision” without significant outside pressure/modeling. 

Secondly, are only favored individuals allowed to use whichever bathroom they choose on any given day?  Or is this to be a general policy.  The article isn’t clear.  If the latter, and how could it not be in view of such an expansive take on “rights” embodied in the “human rights commission’s decision, how are 10 year olds, or younger, supposed to understand proper behavior and propriety in such an intimate, close quarters environment?   We are told we have such a dreadful, horrible, shortage of teachers.  Will teachers now be required to police co-ed bathrooms?

Third – why on earth would a state, any state, need something so Orwellian as a “human rights commission?”  In truth, this commission (like its now largely defunct antecedent in Canada) is not intended to guard and defend the natural rights endowed by God, but to extend the power of the government deeper and deeper into individual lives in pursuit of its own agenda, which is almost always hostile towards traditional morality.

Fourth, and here there be dragons for me……yet again, we see a public school system instituting an asinine policy in order to perpetuate those “rights” which seem to always be found by those pushing a certain political agenda.  I do not know how, perhaps saner, parents in districts afflicted with this kind of activity deal with situations like these.  If you don’t want your child going to a co-ed bathroom, what are they supposed to do…..hold it?  Run home, go, and come back?   Would this be a deal breaker for any parents with regard to having their child(ren) in district with this kind of policy?   I note in passing that issues like this are rarely a problem for those who homeschool.

It appears this commission decision will likely bear on the final court decision on this issue.  This family has sued repeatedly over the treatment of their child.  They have already won a case requiring an elementary school(!!) to acquiesce to their demands, that the restrooms be open to transgendered the sadly confused.


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2. Mary - September 23, 2010

Yet another of many (dare I say countless) reasons to homeschool my children.

The public school system is trying to indoctrinate our children with all that pc crap. When are the public school parents (who think they have no choice) going to collectively fight against it??

Will we wake up one day and have empty classrooms??

tantamergo - September 23, 2010

No, we’ll have teachers with classes of 6 making $250k a year and the teachers unions holding huge presses conferences where they will complain breathlessly of dire classroom overcrowding.

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