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St. Augustine and I probably would have gotten along September 23, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, General Catholic.

“Vanity of vanities……All things are vanities!”  From St. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 1 Chapter 20:

But my chief sin was this, that I looked for pleasure, beauty, and truth not in Him, but in myself and his other creatures, and the search led me instaed to pain, confusion, and error.  My God, in whom is my delight, my glory, and my trust, I think you for your gifts and beg you to preserve and keep them for me.  Keep me, too, and so your gifts will grow and reach perfection and reach perfection and I shall be with you myself, for I should not even exist if it were not by your gift.

That’s pretty much the size of it.  I kept running away, even though I could feel Him calling regularly, but I, like Augustine, would say to God “Make me holy, Lord, but not yet.”

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