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Catholic Art Friday September 24, 2010

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Because I feel like it!

We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses……

When I was much younger, El Greco was one of the first artists I really “got.”  I like his gaunt forms and expressive scenes.  Is it wierd to have a skull, as a reminder of death?  I would have thought so a few years ago, now, not so much.

I pray I can be one of those little ones close to St. Catherine of Siena.

Is this statue too excessive, triumphalist?  I love it, and I love the shot – looking up in supplication to Mary.

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom.  On this day in 1218, a group of religious under St. Peter Nolasco formed the Mercedarian Order, dedicated to ransoming Christian captives held as slaves by muslims.  If no funds could be found to ransom a captive, the Mercedarians would exchange themselves for the slaves.  There is a beatiful exegesis on this Feast at Catholic Culture.   When I say that the Faith practiced in the distant past was more fully embraced than it is today, I think of Orders like this.  The necessity of the existence of this Order also explains the hostile history between Christianity and Islam. 

Photography can certainly be art.

Would anyone feel motivated to pray for a revival of Catholic art, especially in our churches?  Many great works of art from the past were commissioned for Catholic churches – it was felt essential that original works of art grace every great church.


1. Chris Baker - September 24, 2010

I was thinking about this topic today when I went to St Jude’s in Allen where they have a nice reproduction of the San Damiano crucifix in the daily chapel. I think it was just installed in the last two weeks or so. We need more (liturgical) art in Catholic Churches.

fyi … JPII’s Letter To Artists

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