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Did anyone hear of this? September 27, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Dallas Diocese, foolishness, General Catholic, scandals, sickness.

I had never heard of this….women worldwide “boycotting” Church on Sunday to express their OUTRAGE! that the Church discriminates against women:

Yesterday was the “Sunday Without Women?” when outraged Catholic women all across the globe were supposed to boycott Mass in order to prove that the Church needs to change its mind on celibacy or ordination of women or any other issue they can be outraged about.

It all started with Jennifer Sleeman, a Catholic convert from Ireland, urging women to send a message to the Vatican that “women are tired of being treated as second-class citizens in the Church.”

Rose Marie Berger, an associate editor with Sojourners magazine in Washington DC, got all “You go girl” about it and said something like “hey, let’s all do that.”

Berger, cribbing some phraseology from Karl Marx, wrote:

Catholic women of the world unite. September 26 is the day to boycott Mass and pray for greater inclusion of women in the Catholic church.

So, let’s all commit a mortal sin!  That’ll show the Church who’s boss!

First – if you read the whole CMR post, you will find that these “womynpriests” are, shockingly, I know, steeped in Marxism.  Second, how is one to take this “womynpriest” effort seriously as a means to grow in love and service to God when they recommend to commit a mortal sin?  Finally, I have a number of women readers, for which I am honored.  Do any of you feel that the Church discriminates against you because you are “excluded from the power dynamic within the Church?” 

Is it just me, or do these women all seem to have far more a lust for what they perceive as the power of the priesthood, and less a concern for the state of their souls and the good of the Church?

We are witnessing a PR onslaught lately regarding “womynpriests.”  Where is this coming from?  There is no genuine groundswell in the Church for female clergy – the same, usual suspects that have been advocating for this kind of nonsense for years are just getting alot more, and more favorable, news coverage lately.  Why is that?  Where is this push coming from, if not from within the Church?

These women seem to not have much veneration for Mary.  How otherwise could one feel that women are treated disrespectfully by the Church?

The great Acts of the Apostasy has more, including this rather novel view of God the Father:

“The images of God and the language we use in liturgy are big issues for me,” says Katie Hainley, 31, a member of St. Vincent de Paul parish, also known as the Downtown Chapel. “Our church tradition holds that God is neither male nor female, but God is usually portrayed from a masculine perspective.”


1. LarryD - September 27, 2010

Thanks for the link, Larry.

2. Dave in McKinney - September 27, 2010

Oh so that’s where all the women were yesterday…..

3. Teresa - September 27, 2010

The Church does not discriminate against me just because I am not afforded the “call” or able to become a priest. Can men become nuns? NO. So, this is all overkill from the Feminazis in the Church. Yes, women do want power, because they perceive wrongly that priests choose to become priests for the power. Plus, for some strange reason they don’t see themselves as equal to men just because they can’t become priests. Priests choose to become priests because they are called to become priests, and to love and serve the Lord and His people.

You might be interested in this I posted awhile ago:http://tunecedemalissedcontraaudentiorito.blogspot.com/2010/08/are-girl-altar-servers-having-bad.html

4. Chris Baker - September 27, 2010

Perhaps there weren’t as many outraged Catholic women as anticipated.

I think the PR onslaught is just folks learning to manipulate PR via the web and other outlets. They believe perception is reality and do their best to skew perception through a Marxist/feminist lens. In actuality, reality doesn’t mean much to them in the long run — it’s just a recycling series of power grabs and revolutions with a dash of historicism.

They wish to avoid the highest prayer of Mass and the Eucharist, which is the source and summit of our Faith, in order to affect a change? Maybe we can get a parish to offer up a Mass for the conversion of these women? St Monica, pray for them! Mary, Mother of God & First Christian, pray for them.

5. Robert E. Mangieri - September 27, 2010

Jesus called God His “FATHER”. He said He and the Father are one. That tells me that God is masculine, until we get to heaven and then WE won’t be male or female.

6. Chris Baker - September 28, 2010

Robert, how will we not be male or female in heaven? Aren’t we resurrected body and soul? If our bodies are male on earth, are you saying that they won’t be in heaven?

7. JenZ - September 28, 2010

Funny, our church was packed when we went over the weekend, and I saw as many women as I usually do.

8. Mary - September 28, 2010

I never got the memo. Oh well. I guess I protested the protest by attending mass!

So many sins these women are committing – including those of others they take on by encouraging others to skip mass.

And think, they want us women to protest, so we one day will attend THEIR so-called services (can’t call them masses), nothing humble about that.

9. Cori - September 28, 2010

Those women were already skipping mass. Be real, girls. We know your kind.

tantamergo - September 28, 2010


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