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Religion quiz for American Catholics October 3, 2010

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I posted recently about the seeming failure of formation/religious education for huge numbers of Catholics, who could not recognize the first book of the Bible or realize that the Blessed Sacrament is not just a symbol of Jesus, it really is His Body and Blood!   Well, Larry D at Acts of the Apostasy has correctly diagnosed the problem – the quiz was just too hard!  So, he’s come up with his own quiz, with some true tuffies:

1) What letter does the word ‘Catholic’ begin with?

2) What did the Romans use to nail Jesus to the cross?

3) God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. Moses then gave the Ten Commandments to the Jews. How many commandments did God give the Jews?


18) Jesus is the Son of God, and His mother is Mary. Who’s His father?

19) Jesus died, was buried, and was reincarnated on the third day. True or false?

20) (Read this question aloud only once!) You’re distributing Eucharist at four consecutive Masses. At the first Mass, 37 people receive in the hand and 12 receive orally. The next week, 41 receive in the hand and 19 receive orally. The following week, 46 receive in the hand and 9 receive orally. On the final Sunday, 42 receive in the hand and 14 receive orally. How old is the Eucharistic Minister?

The rest are just as funny.  Go check it out!  And see if you can be as smart as the average NCR type!

Bill Gates advocates genocide of humanity – by vaccine October 3, 2010

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What is it about the absurdly rich?  They all seem to lose their minds.  Bill Gates wants the world to have zero carbon dioxide emissions.  Since you and I exhale carbon dioxide every time we breath, we’re apparently going to have to destroy ourselves in order to make our super-rich, elite betters happy (naturally, they and the few who fall in their favor will be excluded from this great act of benificence for mother gaia).

He even has a formula.  You see, we terrible, terrible people are the problem.  The amount of CO2 produced equals, according to Gates, the following formula:

CO2 = P x S x E x C.

P = People
S = Services per person
E = Energy per service
C = CO2 per energy unit

He admits that, to achieve his goal of zero emissions, one of those factors is going to have to be essentially zero.  Since nuclear power is absolutey unholy to the environmentalism as religion set, and wind, solar, etc, will never provide more than a tiny portion of our energy need, and since all humans exhale several tons of CO2 a year (you should be ashamed of yourself, every time you breath a polar bear dies), it appears we’re either going to have to live naked in a cave, freezing or starving to death, or just all die in a mass suicide to please Gates.  Either way, you’re gonna die.

Then we get to the really interesting part.  As I said, Gates laments the fact that the world is so horribly “overpopulated” – he pulls a fuzzy number from the air, 6.8 billion, that I’ve never heard before (I understood the human population at present to be about 6.2 billion), but whatevs.  The next part is the truly scary part, especially if you’ve followed the Gardasil disaster/intentional sterilization program at all – Gates says that vaccinations should be able to reduce global population 10-15%.  Go back to the link at the top of the page and watch the video.  He didn’t stutter.  He didn’t make a mistake – Gates is intimating that vaccinnes are part of a planned program of population control.  That is truly terrifying – Gates is not implying, he’s stating outright, that vaccination efforts that his super rich foundation have funded, may either be leading to dramatically shorter lives for people or making them sterile – either way, that could result in the population reductions he seeks.  I should note that in addition to funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccination research, and encouraging his buddy Warren Buffett to pledge billions to Planned Barrenhood, Gates has also invested money in a scheme to produce an injectable sterilization drug.  Hmmm……these things seem to go together, don’t they?

And thus, we see where the ultimate in love of created thing can (will) lead one – down a path towards advocating that we need to off 600 million to 1 billion people (for the good of the environment).  When someone loves created things so very very much, and thus turns away so completely from God (Gates is atheist or agnostic, as is Buffett), the path towards this kind of twisted dementia is not a long one.  What is frightening, is that we seem to have a confluence of people with enormous resources at their disposal, and precious little in the way of a constant moral Truth to guide their actions.  They are guided by the wisdom of the world, a wisdom presently so sick, perverse, and cut off from God that there are an increasing number of people who harbor gleeful thoughts of the destruction of the human race (except, of course, for them and their friends).  

That is why I pray all the more fervently for a radical conversion of our culture, and pray that I may witness more effectively for the only Truth there is, the Truth Christ has revealed through his Church.  I pray I may do more and more and trust in God’s Will.