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More global genocide – don’t agree with global warming, you should die October 4, 2010

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When I first saw the video below, I thought it was a joke put out by some people opposed to the global warming movement.   Today, I came to understand that it was actually produced by a group in Britain, which country has completely lost its collective mind, in order to gin up support for a drive to have people reduce their carbon dioxide production by 10%.  How in the hell do you measure that?  Does that mean they sleep and extra two hours today, since we exhale carbon dioxide every time we breathe?  Anyway, see the video below.  Along with Gates wanting to off a billion annoying people, it seems we are coming to see more directly the way the worshippers of mother earth goddess gaia view, collectively, that portion of humanity not as enlightened as them. 

Just for the record, the global warming cooling climate change panic has been completely and thoroughly debunked.  What “scientific support” it had was radically flawed and completely biased, and has been shown to be utterly false.  The scientists supporting climate change research have become very wealthy as a result of their work, and sought to exclude those who presented a more critical view of climate change research from the discussions.  Dr. Harrison Schmidt, PhD geologist and LMP on Apollo 17, has presented a more realistic appraisal of the drivers in global climate change (scroll down to page 2).

It is very distressing to me to read that numerous Catholic organizations have jumped on the climate change bandwagon, especially since a major initiative in support of massive climate change legislation/power grabs by government has come AFTER the whole climategate scandal broke.  I read this weekend that the National Federation of Priest’s C0uncils (why do we need such a thing?) has signed onto the ominously named Catholic Climate Covenant, along with a whole host of the more usual suspects (Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Health Association, LCWR (the more heterodox sisters), Carmelite NGO, etc). 

One final note – the Bishops of the Episcopal Councils of Europe just recently called care for the environment “our first vocation.”  Really.  REALLY?  Not loving and serving God, not worshipping Him with our whole heart and mind and strength, not even caring for our fellow man (love of neighbor), not bringing the Good News to others, but caring for the environment.   That, is truly sterling episcopal leadership.

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