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Training to be a pro life activist October 4, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic.

One of the frequent pro-life prayer warrior types in the area forwarded me an e-mail concerning a training system that is supposed to yield great results in terms of converting people to the pro-life cause, and convincing women not to abort their children.  I don’t know anything about this training other than the recommendation, and that there is an upcoming training session on the UNT campus on Sunday, November 7.  The training is called “Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue” and you can register for the training at UNT by sending an e-mail here.  The training lasts from 12:15 till 5:15, and they will have Pizza!  I doubt I can  make it, we’re usually still churching it up at that time, and, oh yeah, deer season starts that weekend, so forget about it.  A man must have his priorities!

Just a note – the training is put on by a group called “Justice For All,” and seems oriented towards younger people, both in terms of the training and who they are trying to convert to the pro-life position.  Anybody having some background on this group should add your bit in the comments.

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