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Purchase video of Solemn Pontifical Mass at National Shrine of Immaculate Conception October 5, 2010

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Last spring, the awesome Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa celebrated the first Solemn Pontifical High Mass in the United States in many decades.  Many people who have an attraction to the Traditional Latin Mass were very excited about this, but few were able to attend.  If you were one of those, but wish to see the Mass celebrated, DVDs are now available and they are of high quality.  You can see an excerpt below.  You can purchase the video here

Bishop Slattery is a really fine leader.  He took the time to personally respond to those who thanked him for celebrating this Mass.  I’ve never had a bishop respond personally on any matter, and he must have been contacted by hundreds, possibly thousands.  I know, I was one of them.   Think of the good will that can be generated by responding directly to those who have a word of kindness, or even a complaint, rather than erecting a wall of obstructionists around the bishop who seek to wall him off from the faithful.  It’s a completely different mentality.  Because of his openness and kindness, Bishop Slattery has won many strong supporters.

h/t Rorate Caeli

Sr. Carol Keehan supporting Obamacare – the gift that keeps on giving October 5, 2010

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I’ve blogged numerous times about the terrible impact Sr. Carol Keehan, head of the Catholic Health Association, had on Catholic Unity and Doctrine when she chose to support Obamacare over the objections of nearly all bishops and every pro-life group.  She claimed it would not fund abortion.  Further data and study of the bill, and the actions of Planned Parenthood, have revealed that position to be completely false, as she was clearly warned prior to her formal statement of support.  Sr. Keehan, and other heterodox women religious who supported Obamacare, provided critical cover that swung wavering “pro-life” democrats to vote for the bill. 

But not just that.  Sr. Keehan and the heterodox leadership of the LCWR, the group that represents most sisters who don’t wear a habit or keep a rule, not only gave us the potential to have abortion enshrined as a permanent “right” in America, they also provided an example to other heterodox Catholics who wish to reject Church doctrine (but they insist they are “faithful”).  Fr. Z has a post discussing an article in the Distorter, which I won’t link because the Distorter site gave my computer a virus, discussing how a number of progressive, activist catholycs are now using the example of Sr. Keehan’s rejection of the plain doctrine of the Church and the opinion of the bishops to advocate for gay marriage! 

Catholic gay-rights supporters have been emboldened by the example of nuns who bucked the bishops by supporting the health-care overhaul Congress passed last March, said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, one of the groups involved in Equally Blessed.

“People are using that as a touchstone,” he said. “They see that the nuns were courageous and they feel like they can be courageous. Courage is contagious.”

Yes, it’s so very, very courageous to march in lockstep with the dominant culture and all your progressive friends in opposing an increasingly isolated Church that seeks to uphold millenia-old moral doctrine, doctrine plainly supported by Sacred Scripture.   You’re a regular Davy Crockett. 

We can expect to see much more of this.  I think Fr. Z is correct – there are individuals and groups within the Church that are seeking to create an “alternate magisterium” that will oppose Church doctrine on any number of issues, but generally those dealing with that subject progressives just can’t stay away from, sex, and provide a means for catholycs to advance their progressive agenda within and without the Church.  This has been building for a long time – for far too long, bishops have remained silent when priests and religious in their ordinaries have spouted off rejecting this Church doctrine or that.  They’ve remained idle when professors at Catholic universities have perverted Scripture and Tradition into something unrecognizable as Catholic.  They’ve allowed a huge population of people to continue to call themselves faithful Catholics, even though they reject whole swaths of Church doctine.  And now, there will be consequences.  Rather than boldly proclaiming the Faith and taking a small hit at the time for perhaps reigning in or punishing some heterodox priest or religious, the bishops have collectively allowed a whole movement to form up where women are fake-ordained, where those in active gay relationships can claim to be priests in good standing, and where half of Catholics don’t know the Blessed Sacrament is really, truly Jesus.  I’m sure it seemed easier at the time to just roll along, and many of the current bishops are inhereting a mess they did not make.  Nevertheless, they’ve got a growing movement on their hands that is going to continue to try to undermine their Authority and tell them they don’t speak for Catholics on Doctrine.  It’s going to far more painful to try to stop this runaway freight train of “dissent” now, than it would have taken to squash small, individual actors a few years or decades ago. 

I’m sure we’re all going to have just so much fun watching the trend continue to unfold.

Liturgical design – which do you like better? October 5, 2010

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Which do you prefer?  A tale of three altars, you can vote at the bottom – one, an altar recently installed in a church in Rome (courtesy Orbis Catholicus):

Next, from the Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans (courtesy New Liturgical Movement):

How about a third – a less modernist but commonly seen “table altar” in stone:

Me – the first, I hate.  I love the second.  I could deal with the last, although I think the Sanctuary looks too cold and barren.