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Support Archbishop Niestadt, Minneapolis Diocese October 6, 2010

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In Minnesota, they are going to vote on whether to allow gay “marriage” in their state.  The Catholic bishop, John Niestadt of the Diocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul, has been striving strenuously to remind Catholics of Church doctrine, even to the point of sending out 400,000 DVDs to all Catholic families in the state to explain Church doctrine on homosexuality, and why gay “marriage” cannot be supported by Catholics.  Naturally, there are many within and without the Church who cannot stand this, and are seeking to undermine Bishop Niestadt’s teaching role (for which he should be commended) and create negative publicity for him.  Just recently, under the behest of Harry Knox of the radical pro-gay agenda Human Rights Campaign, some students at two Catholic colleges (it is to weep) staged a protest at a Mass Bishop Niestadt was celebrating at one of the colleges.  They wore rainbow sashes to show their support for the gay agenda.  They presented for communion.  They were denied:

About 25 college students and community members at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., were denied communion by Twin Cities Roman Catholic Archbishop John C. Nienstedt because they were displaying rainbow buttons and sashes in protest of the church’s stand on gay relationships.The conflict between the archbishop and the group, mostly students from the Catholic St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict, occurred during evening mass Sept. 26

Harry Knox, head rabble rouser, accused the bishop of “playing politics with communion.”  Diogenes at CatholicCulture had this to say:

Let’s see. You reject certain Church teachings that have political implications. You wear an emblem that identifies you as someone who rejects those Church teachings that have political implications. You attend a Mass celebrated by a bishop who has recently affirmed those Church teachings that have political implications. You announce your plans to challenge him on those teachings that have political implications.

But you don’t challenge the bishop to a public debate on the political implications. No; you plan to create a confrontation during the Mass. As he distributes Holy Communion you make sure that you’re in his line, to challenge him. When he refuses to administer the Blessed Sacrament to you, you contact the media.

And what do you say?

“Jesus didn’t play politics with communion,” Harry Knox, the HRC’s religion and faith program director, said Tuesday in a statement from his office in Washington, D.C.

Good point, Harry. Jesus didn’t play politics with Communion. Neither did Archbishop Nienstedt. You and your friends did

Please support Bishop Niestadt with your prayers.  If you feel motivated, you might go to the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul website and send him a note of support.  I’m going to pray for the conversion of so many of our Catholic colleges, and for the many who reject Church doctrine in favor of the wisdom of the world.  It is not easy to deny Communion to someone who presents, especially when one knows it is part of a PR campaign.  Many bishops and priests have just gone along, giving Communion to those who by their actions are committing a serious sin in rejecting Church doctrine and politicizing the Eucharist.  It is very important for the Church that we have more men like this who will stand for the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church. 


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