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Churches having a hard time filling 40 Day for Life prayer vigil spots October 8, 2010

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I got sent an e-mail last night from the Dallas 40 Days for Life committee, informing me that many Catholic parishes are having a hard time filling their prayer vigil time slots outside Southwestern Women’s Abortuary at Royal and Greenville in Dallas.  The way it is supposed to work is that each parish signs up for a day, a 24 hour period, and arranges to have people praying outside the mill for that entire 24 hour period.  Mater Dei filled their slot, as did St. Mark Plano – they both had a constant presence outside the mill on their day.  The e-mail I received indicated that other parishes/organizations aren’t able to fill the entire 24 hour period and so some times are at risk of going “uncovered.”  St. Monica’s Dallas is splitting today (they even had the awesome Fr. Jason Cargo out there praying for an hour) with the Young Serrans of Dallas, but neither organization is covering the favorite 2 am till 7 am time slots.  I know its hard to get people out at these odd hours and every single person that spends even a few minutes is incredibly valuable to the pro-life effort, but often times, in order to make up the difference, very dedicated pro-life people will go out and fill in these times, even if it means they go without sleep on many nights throughout the vigil and wind up having to spend numerous hours outside the mill to try to keep a presence.   I know of some folks who have already had to do this quite a bit.

You can go to the 40 Days for Life webpage to see when your parish may have an upcoming period of prayer.  If you belong to a parish with an upcoming timeslot, please consider trying to sign up to keep the prayer vigil going!   I’ve been out 3 times, but that’s not much, I’m going to try to help out at some of these uncovered late evening slots.   If you can’t make it out to the vigil, please pray for those who do that they will be safe and that more people will sign up!  Thanks!


1. Mary - October 9, 2010

There’s a story from the 40-Days recently about a young man who attends college, who decided to come out for 1 hour every day. He comes in the evening bringing his guitar. I can’t find the story right now, but it was inspiring.

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