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Two transcendent celebrations of the Mass October 13, 2010

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Transcendent – surpassing the reality of this crude matter around us, and touching a bit of Heaven

First, check out the altar/reredo:

So, maybe you’re thinking…….that’s nice.  Not that special. Check it out in this lighting:

Something about that just really captivates me.  It’s ethereal.

Something else a bit…….transcendent.  A Benedictine Monk from Norcia celebrating Mass in the Extraordinary Form:

Too medieval?  Too triumphal?  Not for me!  I think that’s sublime – a poor monk/priest, in his coarse habit, celebrating Mass.  There is something completely timeless about that.  Something that transcends the normal, and provides a heightened sense of the spiritual, of the things of God. 

Thanks to New Liturgical Movement for the great pics.


1. Mary - October 16, 2010

The picture of the altar is striking. It captures your attention. I can imagine sitting at mass staring at such beauty, which keeps me more focused on the mass – yes more focused. I look up and instead of seeing a blank slate, I see Jesus looking down at me from the cross, is that Mary and the saints and angels? This is heaven on earth! We participate in heaven on earth each time we celebrate mass, this reminds me of that.

I have to say that the pic of the 3 priests also is interesting, a poor Benedictine monk dressed in riches for mass, yet his simple clothing underneath. The way he stares at the altar, perhaps thinking about the mass he is about to celebrate in persona Christi. Then the 2 beside him, eyes down and appearing to recognise their unworthiness to be there assisting at mass. Interesting.

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