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Why does the bishops own news service seek to undermine the bishop’s authority? October 15, 2010

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Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote has a very important story regarding our favorite female religious, Sr. Carol Keehan, the USCCB run Catholic News Service (a very problematic organization, to say the least), and Obamacare.  It certainly appears that CNS is, intentionally or not, undermining the voice of the bishops in opposition to Obamacare due to its pro-abort potentialities.  The story is long, but it’s an important read, and you should read all of it.  The question being asked is a hugely critical one – who has the moral authority to shape and guide Catholic doctrine and make moral judgements – the bishops, collectively making up the Magisterium in the United States, or a quasi-magisterium made up of progressives in the Church, especially those in the religious orders, college faculty and staff, and the media.

Sometimes I’m critical of individual bishops.  I don’t know that I’ve ever collectively questioned the bishops of this country, but in this case, they are performing exactly the role they are required to fill by God, in upholding the Traditional Doctrine of the Faith.

Why do dioceses and parishes continue to support Girl Scouts? October 15, 2010

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Present day Girl Scouts USA are not the organization many of us knew in our youth. They have been taken over by a radical feminist agenda that includes close ties to Planned Parenthood, pushing a very graphic form of sex education (including demonstrations on how to use forms of artificial contraception), increasing signs of a blatant pro-abort outlook, and growing connections to covens of wiccans?  Why do Girl Scouts continue to find homes in so many Catholic parishes?  Several dioceses/archdioceses have already severed ties with the Girl Scouts and denied them use of diocesan facilities.

Particularly distressing is the number of parishes in the Diocese of Dallas that encourage Girl Scouts and provide space for them and their meetings.  I’m sure that individual troops may be fine and do much good, but should any Catholic Church entity have a relationship with this increasingly anti-Catholic organization?