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Voris on one of my favorite prelates October 18, 2010

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I really like Archbishop Raymond Burke.  I pray he receives a red hat at the next consistory.

As to the video – do you agree that the biggest problem in the Church today is weak/poor leadership from bishops?  Is the Church being gravely wounded by too many bishops compromising, giving into the dominant culture? I don’t think to exercise strong leadership you have to pick a fight, but it does seem that some in the episocpate do have a problem boldly and plainly relating the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  Would we have only 14% of Catholics accepting Church doctrine had there been better, stronger, more provocative, more bold leadership over the last several decades?

It begins – Anglican primate will become Catholic October 18, 2010

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I must say, praise God!  This is awesome, and I pray we may expect many other such conversions.  The influential Anglican bishop of Fulham is moving to the Catholic Church.  He leads a group of orthodox Anglicans called Forward in Faith, and it is possible many others in the group, numbering hundreds of thousands, will follow, including many clergy and additional bishops.  God be praised!  I pray they find the Catholic Church the home they have been longing for!  Please let us in the Church extend every welcome to them, and assist in their transition through our prayers.

I pray that many other Anglicans will find it in their hearts to return to the Seat of Unity, the One True Church instituted by Jesus Christ!  The Catholic Church is made up of flawed humans and so has many problems, but it is still the only source of the Truth revealed by Christ! 

Please come home, and soon!  We need you!

Shocking news – gays parents more likely to have gay kids October 18, 2010

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First, a question – how is it so widespread that gay parents have gay kids?  Since homosexuality in and of itself cannot produce children……..anyway.

So, a new study has been released that shows a huge variance between the likelihood that children where one or both parents are gay will wind up being gay compared to those children with both parents being straight.   The study hasn’t been released yet, but an article on AOL News summarizes many of the results, the net of which is that children of self-described lesbians are over 10 times more likely to self-identify as gays as adults, and children of gay men are about 6 times as likely to identify as same, compared to those raised by two heterosexual parents.  One note by the researcher, a professor at Kansas State University named Walter Schumm, regarding why the rates of homosexuality in the children of lesbians is higher than that of gay men is that some lesbians “have a hatred of men that’s intense.”  Ahem.

Schumm does notes that in those societies where homosexuality is openly embraced, almost all of them have much higher rates of homosexuality in individuals.  But, there is no proof, either, that one may be born with a profound same sex attraction.

I don’t know why it would take a professional researcher to reach this conclusion, nor why this poor guy is bracing to be pilloried by his erstwhile colleagues and the press – for there are few subjects more heretical to the present day dominant culture than to challenge one of the sacred shibboleths of the gay community.  In a sane world, one not driven largely by progressive ideological fixations, the conclusions reached by his research would be self-evident.  Of course those raised by gays are more likely to be gay, because children tend to adopt the views and attitudes that have been modeled for them.  In the field of addiction, this is a very well known fact – those who have alkie or addict parents are far more likely to grow up one themselves.  So, the fact that this tendency extends into the area of sexuality should be no surprise.  And yet, this heretic will likely be burned for his apostasy.  No one may challenge the narrative. 

We have groups, nominally within the Catholic Church and well meaning I’m sure, that seek to portray homosexuality as something given by God as a gift that should be cherished and acted upon.  Sexually, like.  The first part may be true, but God has also said, infallibly through His Sacred Scripture, that acting on those homosexual urges is gravely sinful.  God made lots of people with natural drives and desires that he knows are bad for them, and that by acting upon them, those people may even cut themselves off from God’s saving Grace.  Rejecting these Scriptural (and Traditional) prohibitions on sex outside of a one man, one woman marriage, has always been considered sinful by the Church.  But, I felt the need to repeat that bald statement of fact, since so few seem to accept this belief anymore.

Still more bad pollling data – Catholics lost October 18, 2010

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Colleen Hammond pointed to a post on the blog of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (would that Dallas had such a substantive, official, diocesan blog!) that shows still more disastrous polling data regarding Catholics and Church doctrine.  The issue this time – premarital sex, and apparently, only 14% of Catholics accept Church doctrine that it is a sin, known as fornication, to have sex outside of marriage.  Even among regular church going Catholics, only 30% accept this Doctrine of the Faith.   Some might say – “but, but, it’s the culture!  We’re doing the best we can!  No one else is doing any better, so don’t blame the formation efforts of teachers, priests, bishops, etc.  We’re fighting an impossible battle!”

Oh really?  Then why are the numbers for protestants on this subject radically different – with 30% of non church going and 62% of church going protestants recognizing pre-marital sex as always sinful.  What’s more, according the graphs below, while Catholic belief in this article of Faith has been steadily declining for decades, more protestants actually believe that pre-marital sex is wrong today, than they ddi 40 years ago.  D’oh!

Look, these repeated polls showing Catholics are either ignorant of their Faith, or reject it outright, reveal a catastrophic failure to form the people in some really simple, easy to explain doctrines.  Unfortunately, such a huge percentage of parish teachers, catechists, and priests, and staff at the diocesan level, have either been ignorant themselves, or, more likely, rejected whole swaths of the Faith, that this formation just hasn’t happened.  This trend did not begin in 1965.  It’s been going on for a long time.  The question is, what, precisely, will be done to address the shocking lack of Faith revealed by recent polls?   I can think of a number of actions that could be taken, but perhaps they would not be viewed as being sufficiently “pastoral,” one of the most misbegotten concepts in Church history.   Well, I’ll be at the diocesan formation conference sponsored by UD this weekend – I’m sure there will be many ground-breaking techniques taught there to be “relevant” and “engaged” that will be sure to radically shape the faith of……dozens.  Maybe even scores.

I’m sure you’ll all be waiting with bated breath for that report.

Something going down? October 18, 2010

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So, a relatively obscure (and new) religious order (with terrible habits) was suppressed last week in Omaha.  The Intercessors of the Lamb had a charism that dealt with intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare.  The reasons for the suppression were kind of vague, and the prioress of the order had been removed just a week or two before.  Pretty quick to totally upend several dozen people’s lives, who are now essentially out on the street, penniless (UPDATE – the diocese is putting most of them up for the time being, as a hyper vigilant commenter pointed out.  Nevertheless, these people have no assets and no immediate prospects to care for themselves). 

Most may be aware that Fr. Thomas Euteneuer “stepped down” as head of Human Life International back in late August.   Little reason was given, other than that he was returning to parish life.  OK…..sometimes these things happen.

So what ties these two seemingly totally unrelated events together?  Well, Fr. Eutenaur had recently published a book on Exorcism and spiritual warfare.  Interestingly, in a very little publicized announcement, last week HLI stated that they were pulling Exorcism and the Church Militant, Euteneuer’s book, from circulation and would not be printing any more copies.  This was a fairly popular book.  From Spirit Daily:

In a development that had no apparent connection, it was also announced last week that a book by Father Thomas Euteneuer, the former head of the large pro-life group, Human Life International, will be discontinued. The book, Exorcism and the Church Militant, which ironically lauded the Intercessors, was in wide circulation. Weeks before, Father Euteneuer left the organization when he was recalled to his home diocese after a reported controversy. A spokesman for HLI told Spirit Daily that the organization simply decided it was not its role to promote material on exorcism. “There was no problem fatal to the book,” said the spokesman, Stephen Phelan, adding however that had it been reprinted, several changes would have been necessary. Limited copies remain available through Ignatius Press.

That seems kind of odd, to suddenly pull a fairly popular book from circulation (you can’t get it on Amazon anymore, for instance), shortly after the author was forced? to step down from his high profile position at Human Life International.  Is there someone in the Church who doesn’t like the topic of spiritual warfare?  Or is all this coincidence?

There’s an old police adage – one strange happening is an occurrence, twice is a coincidence, the third time indicates conspiracy.  Now, very likely, these events are unrelated, but, some of this does seem a bit odd.

big h/t to Abbey Roads

UPDATE2:  Some seem to think my comments are meant to imply support for the Intercessors of the Lamb, or that I’m stating that they were wrongly treated.  Not so.  They may have needed disestablishment, we don’t really know.  There are a goodly number of people who think the Intercessors were great, and a goodly number who think they were terrible for the Church.  I had never heard of them until several weeks ago.  I have no connection to them.  What was odd was to see a religious order go from seeking further, formal canonical establishment at the beginning of August, to being suppressed rather quickly and, I would say, almost violently.  That has been very rare in recent Church history.  Maybe this was badly needed, maybe they were complete heretics, I don’t know – very few of us do, because even the cached pages of their website have been scrubbed, so it’s impossible to research their source material, now.  Judging by the reaction to this post and things like the scrubbing of the cached pages, someone has been really following up to make sure the loose ends are very neatly removed.  Couple this with the fact that HLI is now pulling copies of Exorcism and the Church Militant, which ostensibly lauds the work of the Intercessors, and we have another oddity.  That’s all I was saying, or, really, asking.  Is someone in the Church deeply concerned about how spiritual warfare is being discussed/approached by seemingly disparate entitites?  We don’t know.  Perhaps this will all make a good deal of sense later on.  For now, the only direct result that I know of is that I’ve bought a book I probably would not have bought before all this happened. 

UPDATE 3:  Courtesy of Diane at Te Deum Laudamus, a link that gives more of the background story on the closure of the Intercessors.  The majority of the evidence indicates that closure was appropriate and that things were falling apart in the former religious group.  Why a profitable book has been pulled is still an open question. 

The decline and fall of Western civilization, #79985 October 18, 2010

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You people don’t know what I endure for you.  The bowels of the internet I slog through to bring you timely, informative commentary on our Catholic Faith and the culture.  Well, I found a doozy, but I must forewarn you, this story is sicko and truly shows the accelerating collapse of morals in the culture.  What am I ranting about?  Well……..

Imagine this.  A family raises a young girl.  She’s bright.  She must have at least some means.  She’s bright enough and well enough off to get into Duke.  Beyond that, we don’t know much, except that we know way, way too much, because this girl, one would pray, someone’s darling little girl, produced a Powerpoint slide deck highlighting all the high profile Duke athletes she had one night stands with (language, topic warning).  It’s pretty gross.  It goes into terrific, painful detail.  And it’s a crying shame. 

There’s a dude with a blog who has sort of what he describes as an “alpha male player’s” take on things (extreme language and topic warnings).  He savages this girl.   She’s a slut.  She’s useless, and has destroyed what slight value she may have had in the player’s field by putting together this slide deck. 

I’m posting these sordid links, which I would normally ignore, to give some examples of where we are with the dominant culture.  This is what “dating” has become on college campuses, even, no, especially among those who view themselves as elites.  Social climbing girls trying to sleep their way into some kind of “meaningful” relationship with a highly valued target male, and numerous guys willing to take advantage of the situation without the slightest intent of ever taking the girl even slightly seriously.  It has ever been thus, I suppose, but nowadays the trend is so pervasive, so free-wheeling in its shucking of any moral pretenses, and so base, that we’re descending to levels of amoral sexualism not seen since before the days of the Roman Republic.  Sure, there have always been those who were amoral, from the sensualists of the fin de sicle Burgundian France to excesses in the courts of numerous European states over the late medieval period, but I don’t know that we’ve seen such large segmenst of any population embrace such hedonism in a very long time. 

I have daughters.  My heart breaks for the father of this girl, for her, for her whole family.  She has been sold a horrifically false bill of goods, and she’s probably only beginning to become aware of the costs of her wholesale abandonment of traditional morality.  But it’s not just her – she’s just the most recent, public example, having made the infantile decision to publicize her sexuality.  There are thousands, likely millions, more girls out there who are giving themselves away at the drop of a hat, for nothing more than a momentary illusion of relationship, and even more guys willing to take them up on the offer.  It’s a road that leads to nowhere but pain for all involved, although few guys, especially the “players,” would admit such.  For the guys, the benefits are obvious.  For the girls, apparently brainwashed by the dominant culture and the transmogrification of “feminism” into slutty womanhood, the benefit seems to be to fit into the cultural narrative they are awash in, and to perhaps meet for a short time that constant human need to be “loved.”  It’s all a lie.

How does one stop something like this?  I don’t mean to you or your family, I mean, in general?  There are no easy fixes for a general collapse of morals.  God’s Law is written on our hearts, and that pain those involved in this hook up culture feel is that law trying to tell them that the path they are pursuing is destructive and will lead to their constant torment, but the culture shouts so loud and God’s voice is quiet and requires stillness to hear.  We’re far too busy for that nowadays.