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It begins – Anglican primate will become Catholic October 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, Ecumenism, General Catholic.

I must say, praise God!  This is awesome, and I pray we may expect many other such conversions.  The influential Anglican bishop of Fulham is moving to the Catholic Church.  He leads a group of orthodox Anglicans called Forward in Faith, and it is possible many others in the group, numbering hundreds of thousands, will follow, including many clergy and additional bishops.  God be praised!  I pray they find the Catholic Church the home they have been longing for!  Please let us in the Church extend every welcome to them, and assist in their transition through our prayers.

I pray that many other Anglicans will find it in their hearts to return to the Seat of Unity, the One True Church instituted by Jesus Christ!  The Catholic Church is made up of flawed humans and so has many problems, but it is still the only source of the Truth revealed by Christ! 

Please come home, and soon!  We need you!

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