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Still more bad pollling data – Catholics lost October 18, 2010

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Colleen Hammond pointed to a post on the blog of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC (would that Dallas had such a substantive, official, diocesan blog!) that shows still more disastrous polling data regarding Catholics and Church doctrine.  The issue this time – premarital sex, and apparently, only 14% of Catholics accept Church doctrine that it is a sin, known as fornication, to have sex outside of marriage.  Even among regular church going Catholics, only 30% accept this Doctrine of the Faith.   Some might say – “but, but, it’s the culture!  We’re doing the best we can!  No one else is doing any better, so don’t blame the formation efforts of teachers, priests, bishops, etc.  We’re fighting an impossible battle!”

Oh really?  Then why are the numbers for protestants on this subject radically different – with 30% of non church going and 62% of church going protestants recognizing pre-marital sex as always sinful.  What’s more, according the graphs below, while Catholic belief in this article of Faith has been steadily declining for decades, more protestants actually believe that pre-marital sex is wrong today, than they ddi 40 years ago.  D’oh!

Look, these repeated polls showing Catholics are either ignorant of their Faith, or reject it outright, reveal a catastrophic failure to form the people in some really simple, easy to explain doctrines.  Unfortunately, such a huge percentage of parish teachers, catechists, and priests, and staff at the diocesan level, have either been ignorant themselves, or, more likely, rejected whole swaths of the Faith, that this formation just hasn’t happened.  This trend did not begin in 1965.  It’s been going on for a long time.  The question is, what, precisely, will be done to address the shocking lack of Faith revealed by recent polls?   I can think of a number of actions that could be taken, but perhaps they would not be viewed as being sufficiently “pastoral,” one of the most misbegotten concepts in Church history.   Well, I’ll be at the diocesan formation conference sponsored by UD this weekend – I’m sure there will be many ground-breaking techniques taught there to be “relevant” and “engaged” that will be sure to radically shape the faith of……dozens.  Maybe even scores.

I’m sure you’ll all be waiting with bated breath for that report.


1. Colleen Hammond - October 18, 2010

What precisely will be done…

In case you’re wondering what they’re doing in Rome about catechizing the Faithful…all I can say is that evidently they’re busy watching The Simpsons. Will that be our new catechism?

L’Osservatore Romano honored the 20th anniversary of “The Simpsons” this week, and applauds its “realistic portrait of faith”.

Gagging, yet?

So does that 14% make more sense, now?


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