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Hijacking religious symbolism for politico-social ends October 19, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, General Catholic, scandals, sickness, Society.

Thanks to Acts of the Apostasy, I am now aware that a group in California dedicated to destuctive embyronic stem cell research had the brillian idea to hold a contest to create a poem justifying/extoling/celebrating this barbaric, grossly utilitarian practice.   The winning poem, I believe, you will find rather offensive:

“This is my body
which is given for you.
But I am not great.
I have neither wealth,
nor fame, nor grace.
I cannot comfort with words,
nor inspire to march.

I am small and simple,
so leave me this.
Let me heal you.
This is my body
which is given for you.
Take this
in remembrance of me.”

Yes, quite.  So nice of you to rip language from the Consecration of the Host for your dark sacrifice to Moloch.  Many are trying to defend the poem writer’s intent, saying it was heartfelt and sincere, although the California group has now pulled this winning poem from their website.  In fact, I think if this was an attempt to be sincere and somehow wierdly loving on the part of the author somehow makes this worse – the author is so deeply confused that he thinks the willing destruction of innocent human life in order to greedily, and only very theoretically, prolong the life of someone else is something like the Sacrifice that Christ willingly made on the cross for the salvation of all mankind.  No, it’s not like that at all. 

There have been increasing signs that those who pursue the “progressive” agenda have, wittingly or not, begun increasingly to apply a religious symbolism to their sacred dogmas.  We had an episcopal professor of divinity stating that abortion was a wonderful blessing from God (during a Church service, including the authoring of prayers for MORE abortions), we’ve had reports of bizaare wiccan type ceremonies surrounding abortions, we’ve had Satanic mocking of the Catholic Mass and Exorcism Rites  in extremely public places and with the approval of government officials, and we have language like this, turning upside down God’s creative miracle and turning this symbol of God’s eternal Light into something profoundly dark.   I have seen increasing religious references to abortion and embryonic stem cell research as something to be celebrated as holy and wonderful, much like the sacrificing of children to Moloch that occurred during the time of the Davidic kingdom in Israel.  From whence does this come?  Can anyone truly believe that God would be in favor of the death and brutal dismemberment of his creation, of those who are completely innocent?

Paganism is not a pretty thing.  There is a reason why the early Christians had such a profound aversion for the pagans and their sacrifices.  And yet, many, especially progressives, tell us that it is Christianity that has somehow corroded and corrupted Western civilization.  They claim to actively seek  a world that is free from the horrible intolerance of religion.  But in reality, man is a creature that must have rites and ceremonies, who craves the idea of something greater, and if the world continues to turn away from the great religions, what will replace them will not be pleasant.


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